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No-Visor? What kind of name is that?


Aiden is a supporting character who appears in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor. At the end of the Episode, it is revealed that he was stuck in the world of Among Us and was eventually turned into the ghostly Novisor. Aiden was a college student that turned into Novisor who wanders around the halls and haunts people in the Skeld and Mira HQ after playing a haunted version of Among Us in 2018.


Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor
Aiden was mentioned in the horror story by Veteran after meeting with Player when the lights were off. In the story, Aiden was a college student back in 2018 and visited a flea market in order to search for a PC for his homework and other stuff, but he can't afford one.

An old man named Duncan Swearinger Cortez O'Barclay Gottenheimer appears and showed him a custom made PC which has "the latest advancements in gaming technology". He also convinced Aiden to play Among Us with the PC, which wasn't popular back then. Then, Mr. Gottenheimer (or Mr. Duncan) explained the rules of Among Us. Aiden went home with the PC, not knowing it would cost his life.

In Aiden and Punk, his friend was going to a party with "hot babes". Aiden was invited but he wanted to play Among Us instead. He opened the Among Us game and it shows his name to be No-Visor. Aiden changed his player name to Aiden but the PC turned back the name to No-Visor. He started anyways and went into a lobby but doesn't have a visor and there are no color options. Other players join the game without a name or a visor, and every player said "Novisor" in the chat. Aiden was very confused and wanted to leave but ended up discovering voice chat instead. He opened it and everyone was eerily whispering "No-Visor". He wanted to disable it but there was no voice chat button anymore. He started the round anyways. Upon starting the round he discovered that he had a visor, a hat and was his usual brown color but found that everyone else in the room didn't and they started attacking him. He then closes the computer saying that's enough for the night. He then decides to go to Punk’s Party. Punk told Aiden to come on stage and told him to read a note. Aiden was confused but when he read it, it only read No Visor. He then looked at the now visor-less Punk who pushed him off stage where all the Novisors attacked him. It was then revealed he was trapped in the game the whole time.


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