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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!

Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... is the 33rd Among Us Logic episode. It was released on July 10, 2021.


The episode starts off with Player spawning in the lobby, saying how good it is to be back in Among Us, than he realizes that everything feels different for no reason. Mr. Egg than says it's because Among Us had a new update, and that they are dealing with the consequences. Player then asks who he is, and he answers that he's Mr. Egg, who decided to switch to maroon. Player then comments that some things never change, Mr. Egg then says it's not his fault all the original colors were taken. Player gets confused, so Mr. Egg tells him to see for himself.

The camera shifts to Dum, Captain, Sheriff, and Stoner, possibly in a discussion. Then it shifts to B-Day, Rose, Engineer, and Gnome. Rose, who was beside B-Day, tells everyone to look at her with her very own color. Gnome, jealous of Rose, asks why she doesn't have a color named after herself. Engineer then says that it's because there is no such color named after her, to which Gnome replies that there should be. Much to TheGentleman's frustration, Cheddar then starts barking loudly as he runs around the lobby, forcing TheGentleman to cover his ears. Meanwhile, Mr. Egg urges Player to change his red color to something else. The color of Player's body changes rapidly in the colors of the rainbow. The game starts.

Player and Stoner get impostor, and then Captain tells everyone to scatter, then tells the impostors if they try to coordinate with each other then he'll be waiting and watching. Dum then tells Captain if the impostors do stand back and he does the same thing, it could make Captain suspicious. Captain then hears it and realizes that Dum's right, as he doesn't wanna be sus. When captain leaves , Player finds out he is still red. Stoner says that he picked the rainbow color too. Suddenly they flash in the colors of the rainbow and find out that they can change color and hats at will. Stoner and Player scatter and find their victim. Player finds and kill Veteran and changes to yellow with a crown. Poopyfarts96 comes in and reports Veteran's body . Player disguised as Veteran blames Poopyfarts96 for killing 'player'. Poopyfarts96 is ejected and Player finds Captain doing a task and tries to kill him. Surprisingly Captain remains alive and reveales that he is stoner and an imposter. Sherrif and Engineer witness this and run away and player and stoner run after them. They manage to kill engineer, sheriff, mr,cheese, thegentleman, and Gnome. Soon there are only a few players left, mother, rose, BDay, Player (Disguised as sheriff) Mr egg and stoner (disguised as thegentleman). Bday comments on how the players have decreased , when stoner blames Mr. egg to be the imposter acting ruder than thegentleman. Mr. egg is ejected and everyone(exept stoner and player) think 'thegentleman' is the imposter for his rude behavior. Stoner is ejected and tells rose to complete the 'plan' and thus rose is ejected. Mother panics while Player reveals himself and kills BDay, winning the game. As the victory slide shows, everybody claps for Player and congratulates him , as the episode ends.



  • This is the 2nd time Player wins and the 1st game he wins as Impostor.
    • It could be implied Player only won after his victory against Novisor as he stated that Novisor was what made him think he couldn't win.
  • This is the first episode to feature 15 players in a game.
  • This Episode was considered the best by fans.
  • This is the first episode since episode 23 where the game does not take place on the Airship.
  • This is the first time Sheriff has had any dialogue since episode 1.
    • He appeared in episode 19, but did not speak.
    • It is also the second time that Sheriff and Player have been in a match together since that same episode, as Player was not participating in that episode's game.
  • This is the first time someone (Mr. Egg) spoke French in an episode. The expression sacré bleu is an exclamation of surprise or dismay.
  • This is the first episode to not feature the credits in the description or video.
  • This episode was released 35 days after the previous episode.
  • It is revealed that Timmy and Franklin were reverted back to children.
  • Dum was the only player to not congratulate Player. However, GameToons have uploaded a gif to youtube talking about a sale in, using a gif of everyone clapping from this episode, and dum claps as well for some reason.
  • The line "You might not recognize me because of my new maroon color" is a reference to Star Wars where C-3PO says, "You probably dont recognize me because of the red arm".
  • The ending is a reference to Evangelion.
  • The original thumbnail is a reference to episode 1.
  • This episode is similar to STA Studios's "Among Us But Impostor Can Change Color."
  • This episode possibly predicted the shapshifter role in Among Us, either that or it's just a big coincidence.
  • As confirmed by NewScape Pro, this is the logical finale of Among Us Logic. With Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out only being made due to a fan request.


  • When Player was trying to change the color to rainbow, it showed that 16 colors were taken and that 16th color was banana, even though nobody had the color banana.
  • The old Impostor title card is shown. After the game's update, the word "Impostor" should be in all-caps.
  • When all players gather in the spawn at the start of the game, Veteran is missing.
  • Before voting off Mr. Egg, B-Day says "There's 5 left" when there was actually 6.
  • When Player won as an Impostor, the Crewmate victory sound is used instead.
    • This is the second time this occurs. The first was in episode 27.
  • Player was alone on the victory screen, even though Stoner's ghost should have been with him.
  • When the crewmates raise their hands, Sheriff has brown hands instead of tan.
  • When Poopyfarts96 Catches Player, The Fake Veteran farts, not PoopyFarts.