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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!

Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out is the 34th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on August 30, 2021.


Player returns to Among Us in the lobby where his old friends were waiting. He hoped that his friends will finally earn his respect after winning the game's last episode, but what happened was the opposite of what he expected.

Player tries to get the attention of Captain and Veteran walking by by saying hello. Veteran spoke first and asked if Player was a newbie who just entered their lobby. Player was confused that only after a time, his friend considered him a complete stranger, so he made Veteran remember that they were friends. But Veteran, bitter about Player’s Friday Night Funkin’ obsession to the point of him abandoning them and not knowing who Player is, asked how Player was able to know his name. He also added that he and Player they had never met before.

Captain, on the other hand, tells Veteran that Player was someone used to be their friend. Player had enough of the pretending so he sarcastically tried to laugh in front of Veteran and Captain to make them stop. But Veteran continued mocking Player and acted as if he does not remember his name. Player interrupted him to tell the two that he left his friends for some time to play other games. Captain was not at all pleased and remarked that Player did not care about losing his friends for leaving so long. Both Captain and Veteran left Player alone, walking away in the middle of their conversation.

Wizard comes by to comfort Player's issue made known about his friendship with Veteran and Captain a while ago. Player thinks that his friends were just overreacting, so he tries to make Mr. Cheese, TheGentleman, Gnome and Mother notice him for once. But it seemed that the four turned away.

Even with Wizard trying to console him, Player questioned his not following with the rest of his friends hating on him. Wizard says that people like him prefer not to hold grudges. Aside from this, he also was shunned from the group just like Player as he created Arnold Impostornator. Wizard made a whistle and made Arnold smash the wall blocking him. Wizard's friends grunted and muttered hate against Arnold.

Player questions Wizard actually being Arnold's creator. Wizard claims to be as such, saying that Arnold was created from the practice of performing his magic spells. Unfortunately, he can only speak movie quotes. The game started shortly after Arnold said his first quote.

As the game started, everyone do their tasks. While Player is cleaning the vent in the cafeteria, he heard Mr. Cheese yelling. When he ran to scene, he saw Mr. Cheese being flattened and then reported his body. During the meeting, TheGentleman convinced everyone to vote out Arnold, but he got voted instead due to being accused of having a complicated relationship with Mr. Cheese by Captain.



  • As a result of Player playing too much Friday Night Funkin' rather than playing with his friends in Among Us, everyone seems upset and angry with him.
  • This episode was the reference of Buff Impostor mod by GameToons Gaming.
  • This is the first time Wizard was an impostor.


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