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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival is the 23rd Among Us Logic episode. It was released on April 3, 2021.


The episode starts on the Balcony of MIRA HQ where the Airship landed, where Player, Veteran and Captain were discussing about the Airship map. TheGentleman then appears with his new Cyborg RHM skin with Mr. Cheese. Veteran, then tells TheGentleman that his skin looks horrible. TheGentleman then, runs, crying, and gets on the Airship. Mr. Cheese scolds Veteran and Player tells them that they should get onboard before the Airship leaves, but Captain says that he won't go anywhere until the Airship is christened. Then after that happens they get onboard. Player with TheGentleman are the impostors and they both choose Records to spawn. TheGentleman tells Player to think the Airship as a new start for him to win the game. Then Player tries to swipe his card to open the door, but fails, so TheGentleman opens it on first try. They found B-Day and Rose in Lounge. Rose says that she loves B-Day. Then TheGentleman shoots a laser to B-Day and then Player kills Rose and reports her body. In the meeting Mr. Cheese says that he had fun climbing the ladders and Veteran says that he dressed the mannequin. A new character then, Wizard says that he developed photos. The others ask him who he is. And when they hear that Wizard is new, Player shouts "KILL THE OUTSIDER!" Most of the people agree and he is ejected. Next, Player spawns in the Kitchen and finds PoopyFarts96 and Mr. Cheese arguing. Mr. Cheese says that he doesn't care about PoopyFarts96' beef. He says that the burger needs more cheddar and that's what people like. Next, PoopyFarts96 says that he is quitting. Mr. Cheese then says that he will hire Player and that "Player is a worthless peon who'll do what I say, when I say." However, this causes Player to kill Mr. Cheese with a knife. Then, Veteran calls an emergency meeting saying that the impostors are very good, but not perfect. He says, that while TheGentleman and Mother rode the platform, he was climbing the ladder to the meeting room. While he was climbing, he says that he saw TheGentleman push poor Mother, out of the platform. TheGentleman tries to kill Veteran, but he is finally ejected. Then, Player spawns with Captain inside Cargo Bay. Captain says that they have to keep their distance because Player might be the impostor. Player responds with saying that Captain might be the impostor as well. Captain says that he will prove Player that he is not the impostor. Captain goes and stands right in front of Player and says, "If I was the impostor, I would have killed you now." Player responds that he believes Captain and shoots him. Player says "Awesome! Now that I have killed Captain, I'm only one murder away from victory!" PoopyFarts96 is watching this scene from cameras and calls a meeting via a button in the camera screen. Then he start saying what he saw, but no one understands him. Veteran pretends to talk with PoopyFarts96, for him to feel included in the conversation. Both Player and Veteran, agree to vote PoopyFarts96 out. Then PoopyFarts96 puts a cassete to play, and Player's words are heard in the whole meeting room. Player says that it is not what it sounds like, but he gets voted out and loses the game again.



  • This is the 1st episode TheGentleman gets ejected on-screen. He did get ejected in episode 13, but that was off-screen.
  • This episode was formerly known as "The Airship."
    • This name was changed probably to avoid confusion with Among Us Logic 12, which also used to be called "The Airship."
  • In the episode, TheGentleman appears to push Mother off the floating platform, and trying to kill in a meeting, which are not abilities in Among Us, indicating that TheGentleman might be a hacker. He is also, the only one to be dressed as RHM, and basically the only one to have a skin from The Airship map bundle.
  • Captain says that Player and him have to keep their distance, but then he stands right in front of Player, which can confirm Player's words from the previous episodes, that Captain is an idiot.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Mr. Cheese gives Captain an NrG Drink and Captain says that this is a blue bottle drink and he throws it, while actually NrG Drink is a mysterious drink that can stop enemy moving, but you can get many body problems, like cancer, etc. It was shown in Escaping in Prison in Henry Stickmin.
  • As a part of ship christening, Captain throwed a plastic bottle and smashes it against the Airship. In naval tradition, if a bottle is smacked against the ship's vessel and it fails to break, it is considered bad luck. If this happens, something unfortunate will happen to the vessel while she's in service. This is why Player said "This is gonna go great" sarcastically.
    • This is also why Captain wasn't contented with the bottle Mr. Cheese gave to him, since a bottle of champagne is most suitable according to tradition.
  • The scene where Rose cried at B-Day's death shows a resemblance to Greaser's death in Among Us Logic 4, where Veteran cried instead.
    • This was also the reference from some STA Studios deaths.


  • Katie Spradlin was credited instead of Abigail Turner.
  • Bronson Lassetter was credited instead of Joseph V. Jowett.
  • After the first meeting, the shape of the Kitchen is used in the shape of Records.
  • Whenever The Gentleman was facing left, his backpack should have been robotic.
  • When TheGentleman gets ejected, he is missing his moustache.
  • TheGentelmen Is Wearing Both RHM Mustache And The Double Toppat Bundle when the rhm mustache comes with a hat as well.