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Player2.png Oh my god it's finally happening, The Airship is here!

Veterans.png I know, right? It's been months since it was first announced. I almost completely forgot about it.

Normal Captain.webp Yeah, finally it's now my chance to shine! I can't wait to give this old girl a spin. I bet she has some stories to tell.

Player2.png Okay...

Normal Captain.webp But before we set sail on our maiden voyage, we need to christen her.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yeah, looks like Mr. Cheese. Where are you guys?

CYBER.png Ah, good evening, finesters!

Player2.png Wow! TheGentleman, you look, uh...different.

CYBER.png Why, yes. Thank you for noticing.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png TheGentleman and I had us some time to upgrade his wardrobe.

Normal Captain.webp Right, upgrade.

CYBER.png What are you implying?

Veterans.png We're implying that you look terrible, bor. Like, what the heck happened? You get into a fistfight with your stylist or something? Everything you're wearing right now is straight up busted.

(TheGentleman runs inside the Airship crying)

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png TheGentleman, c-come back! Come on, they didn't mean it. Thanks a lot, Veteran. He's been so self-conscious about his new look. Now he's never gonna hold me out over the rails to the viewing deck, while I whisper, "I'm flying."

Veterans.png Hey, fashion ain't friendly. I gotta keep it 100, yo.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png How's this for "keeping it 100"? The crown is stupid and ugly.

Veterans.png Haters gonna hate.

Player2.png Alright, well, maybe we should all get on there before the ship takes off without us.

Normal Captain.webp I'm not going anywhere until this thing is christened. Mr. Cheese, you have something for that?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Sure do. Here you go.

Normal Captain.webp This is a bottle of blue sports drink.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png That's all they had in the vending machine, okay?!

Normal Captain.webp Then I guess this will have to do. I dub the...the Airship!

Player2.png Yeah, this is gonna go great.

(Player and TheGentleman are impostors)

Player2.png Huh? I get to choose where I spawn? That's so cool!

CYBER.png Hello, Mr. Player!

Player2.png Nice! You chose Records too!

CYBER.png Indeed. Now listen here, old chap. Think of this Airship as a new beginning for yourself. A chance for a fresh start. Imagine yourself as the winner we all know you are very capable but not at all likely of becoming. See, I intend to get revenge on Veteran for mocking my new ensemble, and I don't need your constant, losery ways interfering with my masterwork. You will not be my undoing, Mr. Player.

Player2.png Sure thing. I'm locked in. I'm gonna kill every last crewmate on this ship!

CYBER.png Good to hear it! Now, follow me. Now go ahead and swipe your ID card.

CYBER.png You have to do it at the right speed.

Player2.png It's harder than it looks, TheGentleman!

CYBER.png I find that hard to believe. Move aside.

Player2.png Oh, come on!

Amongus1.png Wow! Nice shot BDay, that was incredible!

BDay.png It's all in the hips!

Amongus1.png That's my man. I love you bookums.

BDay.png I love you too!

Player2.png Aww!

(TheGentleman shoot B-Day with his left laser eye)

CYBER.png Bullseye!

Amongus1.png NOOOOOO! Babe- BAAAAABE! I really miss BDay!

Player2.png Really? You have to do it then? They were having a moment?

CYBER.png Will you just hurry up and kill Rose before she has the common sense to report the body?

Player2.png Fine...

Player2.png Ugh that one didn't even feel good.

Normal Captain.webp Whoa Whoa Whoa two people are dead already? Can the captain take his airship out for five minutes before all the passengers start murdering each other?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yeah I was having fun going up and down the ladders.

Veterans.png And I was having fun decorating the mannequins.

Wizard2.png Well I was busy developing photos. Look, they're selfies.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh yeah, who the heck is this guy?

Wizard2.png Um, my name is Wizard. I'm new here and I-



Normal Captain.webp


Wizard2.png NOOOOOOOO!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png No, PoopyFarts, I'm telling you, it needs more cheese.

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png I don't care what kind stew you're making. You gotta bring the cheddar baby. It's what the people want.

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Wow, so you win one season of Among Us top chef and someone with your bobby freaking fillet...?

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Bobby wishes he was as good as you? Whoa, keep dreaming it pal.

Player2.png You guys okay over here?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh hey, Player. Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that my assistant chef here won't listen to reason.

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh, you're quitting huh? Why do we need you? This is one last case of cellmate on the kitchen! Player here could take over your spot and he doesn't even care how much I yell at him or humiliate him, he's worthless peon that'll do what I say when I say it. Alright, you ready to start your first shift?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png AAAAAHHHH! OUCHIE!

CYBER.png Good heavens, another two bodies were discovered.

Normal Captain.webp Wowzers! these impostors are good.

Veterans.png Good, but not perfect.

Player2.png What do you mean?

Veterans.png I saw TheGentleman kill Mother in the gap room.

CYBER.png What? that's an outrageous accusation!

Veterans.png Is it because I climbed up that huge ladder right as you and Mother entered the room, you both got on that floating platform thing to bridge the gap, but only one of you made it to the other side.

CYBER.png You don't know what you're talking about.

Veterans.png Oh, I think I do, TheGentleman. I watched you push poor Mother off to her death, it was pretty clever I'll give you that, leaving no body for a crewmate to stumble onto and report.


Veterans.png Ah, but I can't,TheGentleman. You see, you forgot to account for one thing, that a hip on fleek alpha dog like me would never lose to a strangely mustache two top hat wearing purple cyborg freak like you.

Veterans.png Your outfit is hideous.



(TheGentleman was ejected)

Normal Captain.webp Whoa, whoa, whoa! Keep your distance, Player. You could the be impostor.

Player2.png Well you stay back for me. You could be the impostor.

Normal Captain.webp What? I'm no impostor! See, I'll prove it to you. Stay right where you are.

Normal Captain.webp See, I'm safe. iIm right next to you. If I was an impostor, I would have killed you. Do you believe me now?

Player2.png I sure do, Captain.

Normal Captain.webp AH!

Player2.png Awesome! Now that I've killed Captain, I'm only one murder away from victory!

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Veterans.png Calm down, PoopyFarts. What did you see?

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Veterans.png Okay. Uh-huh.

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Veterans.png Yeah, I got it.

Player2.png What is he saying?

Veterans.png Oh. I have no idea. I was just pretending so he feels included in the conversation.

Player2.png Come on Veteran, let's vote him out. I didn't get a chance to mention this last time, but PoopyFarts was working with Mr. Cheese before in the kitchen, Things seemed get pretty heated. I think he killed him back there while TheGentleman was taking care of Mother.

Veterans.png You know what? I saw PoopyFarts and Mr. Cheese together earlier in the armory too. I think you might be right, Player.

PoopyFarts.png *Fart Sound*

Player2.png Give it a rest, PoopyFarts. You're going down.

Veterans.png Yeah. Hearing a straight up confession, I think this case is officially closed.

Tape Recorder.png AH! Awesome! Now that I've killed Captain, I'm only one murder away from victory.

Player2.png Uh, it isn't what it sounds like?

Player2.png NOOOOOOOO- (The ejection screen is shown, as Player's voice slows down. "Player was an Imposter" appears, and returns to normal) --OOOOOO!