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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Daycare is the 27th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on May 1, 2021.


Mr. Cheese is hanging up photographs to develop. The Gentleman finds him and, after sharing a moment, kills him. Thus, the Gentleman and Mother secure a victory as Impostors.

The scene cuts to Player spawning in the lobby. Veteran tells him to sit back and watch while the Gentleman and Mr. Cheese argue over what just happened. Mr. Cheese accuses him of being too close to Mother, while the Gentleman tells Mr. Cheese that he is being immature. To annoy Mr. Cheese, the Gentleman asks Mother if she wants to go out and get food. Captain and Dum arrive and offer to babysit Timmy and Franklin so Mother can have an evening to herself. She and the Gentleman leave the lobby.

As Mr. Cheese breaks down crying, Player tries to comfort him while Veteran remains oblivious. Engineer makes passive-aggressive comments about Mr. Cheese being too sensitive while he fixes a leaky pipe. Mr. Cheese continues to cry.

The round begins, with Player assigned Crewmate. He spawns in the Engine Room, where he finds a teary Mr. Cheese fueling the engines. Player tries to give him relationship advice, but ends up offending him instead. He leaves for the Armory room, where he finds Gnome and Engineer testing out a new invention. When Engineer zaps Gnome with his ray gun, he turns her into a monkey and then an old woman. He tries to fix the situation by combining rays, only to cause an energy burst that engulfs the whole airship and knocks out Player.

When Player comes to, he and all the others are babies. Mr. Cheese complains that now he'll never be able to convince the Gentleman that he has matured, along with Captain complaining that he'll never be able to reach the airship pedals since he's so small, but Player reminds him that the airship has no pedals. On the other hand, Veteran loves being a baby because he gets to do nothing but eat, sleep, and watch cartoons. While the characters argue amongst themselves, Mother and the Gentleman return from their outing with takeout. The Gentleman is so shocked by the sight of Mini Mr. Cheese that he faints.

A few minutes later, Mother has fed the baby crewmates with the leftovers. Mr. Cheese apologizes to the Gentleman for his bad attitude, and the Gentleman admits that it was very immature of him to make him jealous. They make up. Engineer and Gnome arrive with the fixed ray gun, prepared to give the baby crewmates a blast of the "gramma" (gamma) radiation they need to return to their proper ages. Mother and the Gentleman get ready to take the shot on the ray gun and (despite Veteran not wanting to go back to adulthood as the pizza portion is enough for him) discharge, changing everyone back to their original ages.

TheGentleman wants to know who the impostors are, if this whole situation was just another round of the game. Immediately, Timmy and Franklin (now teenagers) blast through the wall and kill the crew -- they were the impostors. Mother gushes about how "they grow up so fast!"



  • Player says that he's lactose intolerant in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter.... However, in one of the scenes, he was shown eating a pizza.
    • It is possible Player had non-dairy pizza or his mini crewmate instincts kicked in.
  • The pictures Mr. Cheese was hanging up were fanart by fans of the series.
  • Franklin mentioning Timmy being increasingly violent is possibly a reference to Among Us Logic 5 when Timmy did most of the stabbing when Mother killed Cub.
  • Mr. Cheese was being hypocritical of the whole situation with The Gentleman because he killed TheGentleman in Among Us Logic 2, Among Us Logic 9, and in Among Us Logic 16 and the Gentleman is fine with it but Mr. Cheese freaks out when TheGentleman stabbed him in the heart.
    • However, this could be because of the timing of the kill.
  • Franklin and Timmy should've been sent to the cheaters lobby due to killing everyone instantly and they got imposter meaning they are player's. However they were seen again in Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors....
  • Even though Mr. Cheese is crying, he still says his catchphrase.


  • When TheGentleman and Mother won as Impostors, the Crewmate victory sound is used instead.
  • In The Role Reveal, Dum's Mini Crewmates Are Cyan And Not Pink.