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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod is the 22nd Among Us Logic episode was released on March 27, 2021.


The episode begins with Captain reading a story he wrote. The story is an obvious reference to the story at the beginning of Shrek, with Dum replacing the princess and Captain himself replacing the "knight sent to save her". As the story progresses, it becomes seemingly clear that Captain has a crush on Dum, much to Player's disapproval. Player offers legitimate feedback to Captain to improve his writing skills. Captain appears to agree with Player's suggestions, but immediately ends his relationship with Player, stating that they are "no longer on speaking terms."

Meanwhile, Mr. Cheese is dancing as a jester in the lobby. Player condemns the dancing as something "only idiots laugh at.", only to coincidentally get interrupted by Veteran laughing at the dance, encouraging Mr. Cheese to keep dancing. When Player insults TheGentleman's British accent, Veteran tells the entire lobby that "Player doesn't want them to have fun.", causing massive displeasure among the players. The situation gets even worse when Player questions PoopyFarts96's decision to roleplay as a peasant, making PoopyFarts follow Captain by also ending speaking terms with Player.

When the match begins, Player meets up with Captain and Veteran, the latter two telling Player that his "Squire" role is one of the worst in Medieval RPG. Captain and Veteran show off their roles, which are Knight and King respectively, with Veteran claiming his role is "so OP".

Before an argument can begin, Stoner crashes the conversation in the form of a dragon, boasting about his new abilities before incinerating Veteran to ashes. While fleeing from the dragonised Stoner, both Player and Captain complain about Stoner's Dragon role being, again, "so OP."

Player and Captain end up in the same room as Mr. Cheese and PoopyFarts, along with the corpses of TheGentleman and Mother. When Player accuses the latter two of being impostors, Mr. Cheese explains the story; TheGentleman and Mother both saw PoopyFarts dead, and accuses the other of being the impostor. The two use their magic to fight to the death, resulting in both of them dying. It is then revealed that the "dead" PoopyFarts was just using the Peasant's ability of playing dead, and was actually completely fine. Mr. Cheese exclaims that the ability to play dead is, yet again, "so OP".

It is also revealed that Mr. Cheese's Jester ability is to see and teleport to dead bodies. When he learns of this, Captain demands Mr. Cheese to determine is Dum is alive or not. Cheese confirms that Dum is alive, and Captain rallys the four crewmates to save Dum, just like in his story from the beginning. Mr. Cheese creates a distraction for the crewmates by dancing in front of Stoner, resulting in him being eaten alive by Stoner.

In pure fear and shock, Captain orders his secret recurring technique of "scattering". The remaining trio obeys this order, resulting in the three making a desperate run towards the launch pad where Dum is located. PoopyFarts is stopped and killed by Stoner, but Player and Captain make it. Player blocks an attack from Stoner with his shield, while Captain charges up and decapitates Stoner with his sword, killing the impostor dragon. Player congratulates Captain on the kill, stating that his sword is, and yet again, "so OP".

However, before the two can celebrate their "victory", Captain questions why the game hasn't ended in a crewmate victory. It is at that moment when Dum shoots an arrow from her bow and kills Player, revealing herself to be the other impostor. Dum boasts her kill against her brother before ending the episode by saying her role as the Archer is, yep you guessed it, "so OP".



  • This episode was formerly known as "The Jester" and "Modded Mayhem making it the episode with the most name changes as well as making the second episode to be renamed the first being hacking security cameras."
  • The recurring motif of the quote "so OP" in this episode is a joke in the gaming community about how inexperienced players insult good players, strategies, weapons or classes as "overpowered."
  • Every time someones says "so OP," Captain replies back with "so OP."
  • More characters are becoming able to translate Poopyfarts96's language, including Stoner and Mr. Cheese.
  • The match should have ended in an impostor victory when PoopyFarts96 was killed by Stoner because the number of impostors was equal to the number of crewmates at that time. This could be an error, or Stoner's Dragon role was a neutral role.
    • This could explain why Dum does not win immediately.


  • Ariel Hack was uncredited.