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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... is the 26th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on April 24, 2021.


The episode begins with Veteran stuck in a vent and yelling for help. Being off-camera, he explains how he got there in the first place. Then, it cuts to Gnome and Engineer running away as Player is trying to murder one of them to win. Engineer pointed the way and both of them were trapped in Ventilation. To block Player, Gnome locked the door to buy some time as Engineer does some “quick calculations” to find a way to escape. Just as Player finally opened the door after numerous attempts, Engineer used a grappling hook to get himself and Gnome to the other side.

As Player is falling in mid-air, he grumbled on how he lost once more because of some cheat. He then saw himself cushioned in the front seat of a flying coverless car driven by Veteran. The next scene dollies out to reveal Mr. Cheese’s newly opened restaurant. Behind Veteran’s car was BDay and Rose sitting together in a separate car, also falling in line. Player explained why he’s in a mood, telling Veteran that every week they encounter some sort of change-up in the system. As Veteran ordered a meal from Mr. Cheese's restaurant, Cheese Louise, Mr. Cheese saw Player feeling under the weather and urged him to buy his food so Player can get better, but he insisted, as he is lactose intolerant. Mr. Cheese now shows off his executive chef, Cheddar to both of his friends. Now perked up, Veteran decided to return to the Airship to play another match.

The next game, Player and Veteran spawn in the Cargo Bay. Player accuses Veteran of downloading another mod. Veteran kills him in the middle of his speech, and tries to vent to the Kitchen, but he gets stuck. PoopyFarts comes to help Veteran, but when he notices Player's body, he tries to report it. Mr. Cheese kills PoopyFarts and helps Veteran go through the vent.

Veteran arrives in the Kitchen, where he sees Mr. Egg planning to create his own restaurant to put Cheese Louise out of business. Veteran hears him and comes over and tries some of Mr. Egg's burgers. Afterwards, he threatens to kill Mr. Egg, and slowly chases after him, slowed down by the amount of burgers he just ate. Gnome reports Player's body.

Gnome says that she found PoopyFarts and Player's dead bodies and, realizing that Engineer was also dead, screamed "Engie! Nooooo!" Mr. Egg says Veteran is an impostor, and Veteran begins grinding pepper on him. Mr. Cheese blames Captain, and Veteran backs him up, saying that, as captain of the Airship, he is responsible for anything that happens (as he smears butter on Mr. Egg). Gnome blames Veteran, but Captain says Veteran was just talking about how cool and important he is. Veteran says that Captain is also responsible for any murders that happen on the Airship (as he cooks Mr. Egg). Captain agrees, and votes himself out, much to the dismay of Gnome. Player says it was weirdly the most normal game they had played in a while.



  • At the emergency meeting, Mr. Cheese says the line "Ah cheese here we go again" is a reference to the famous line from GTA San Andreas "ah shrimp here we go again."
  • This is the first episode where Player gets killed first and not last, unlike in preceding episodes.
  • Veteran is the second character to be given a mouth. The first was Captain.
  • After Player was saying "What the?" The sky cars are doing a honking symphony.


  • Gnome said that Player and Poopyfarts96's bodies were in the Engine Room. This is wrong, as both of them died at Cargo Bay.
    • Additionally, Veteran clicks on Engine Room, and spawns at Cargo Bay.