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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!

Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! is the 19th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on February 27, 2021.


Player's sister Jessica, or otherwise known as Dum, joins the lobby in her first ever game of Among Us. Captain decides that she is the ultimate key to help Player forgive him after creating the zombie computer virus and betraying Player in Episode 15. But, it is the opposite.



  • This episode was formerly known as "Spying on Mr. Cheese."
  • Sheriff returns after an 18 episode absence.
  • Captain has a phone book with contacts for Player, Mrs. Cheese, Buzz A... (Most likely Buzz Aldrin) and Chuck Y.
  • Captain calls Buzz Aldrin "Buzzstrong" mixing his name with Neil Armstrong's. He also refers to him as "Mr. Musk" and "Mr. Lightyear", an other name of Buzz Lightyear.
  • Franklin has learned to talk properly.
  • This is the second game that the impostors won with sabotage, not with kills.
  • Player has the biggest mental breakdown anyone can think of, as his visor started glowing a triggered red.
    • This is accompanied by the exact ear-piercing noise when the reactor explodes in Among Us Logic 17 (yet letting out an ear-bleeding noise)
  • There is an additional red crewmate standing in the crowd. This could be an error, or the server has 11 players.


  • When Player joins the lobby to meet TheGentleman and Mother, Player is missing his beanie and Mother is missing Timmy.
  • In the credits, Ariel Hack's last name is misspelled "Heck."