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Among Us Logic Wiki

(Captain flicking through cameras)

Captain: Boring! Nothing to see there. Never liked that guy anyways. This game just isn’t the same anymore! I need some guidance…and I know just where to get it.

Buzz Aldrin: Hello, who is this?

Captain: Greetings, Buzz Neilstrong! It is I, Captain!

Buzz Aldrin: Not this guy again! I told you that’s not my name!

Captain: Sorry Mr. Lightyear, I must have been confusing you with some other lesser astronaut, the kind that doesn’t get out of the lander first.

Buzz Aldrin: (frustrated sigh) How do you get this number?!

Captain: I have my ways… (glances at phone book)

Buzz Aldrin: What do you want this time?

Captain: Sir, I made the mother of all oopsies, and well, I have a problem.

Buzz Aldrin: Good Lord, just get on with it kid!

Captain: Well you see, I have this friend, we'll call him Player, because that’s his name. Player and I are tight, like sardines in a tuna can, or peas on the cob. Only thing is, he doesn’t really show it, going so far as to pretend to forget my real name.

Buzz Aldrin: Aha.

Captain: So I got a little mad and created this zombie virus to teach him a lesson right, yada yada, I ended up in some lava, but as I burned alive listening to the faint sound of skin sizzling like bacon over the molten flames, I heard him call me his bestie, despite everything I had done, and well, I just felt awful. I don’t know how to make it up to him Mr. Musk!

Buzz Aldrin: This all happened in some computer game right?

Captain: Indeed it did, sir.

Buzz Aldrin: Look, I don’t have time for this. Just do something nice for him, alright? But most importantly, NEVER CALL THUS NUMBER AGAIN!

Captain: Buzzstrong? Buzzstrong? Must have lost connection. I’ll just try calling him again.

Mr. Cheese: Cheese louise, Captain, take a hint. He's just not into you. Unlike this knife.

[Mr. Cheese kills Captain, Veteran and Mr. Cheese take the victory)]

Player: I've got a bad feeling about this.

The Gentleman: Hmm? About what, Mr. Player?

Player: My sister is visiting from college and she want to play with us-

Mother: Ohohoho, how fun! Nothing's better than playing a wholesome game like among us with family. Isn’t that right, Franklin?

Franklin: I relish in the pain of others!

Player: Right…the problem is I can’t play today because I have karate class!

The Gentleman: That won’t be a problem. We could watch after the lass, and if I’m being honest I think we will all enjoy a break from your particular “affliction”.

Player: Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?

Mother: Well dear, it’s just that when we play with you it’s kind of obvious at this point what will happen; We’re either on the opposite team and win, or, wel-well the point is-

Franklin: You suck! (laughs)

Mother: Language, Franklin! Sorry, he just blurts out the cold hard truth sometimes without thinking.

Player: Wow. [Leaves the game]

Mother: Oh, this is exiting isn’t it?! Just think that the next person who sits in that chair will be Player’s-