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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Jailbreak is the 25th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on April 17, 2021.


Mr. Cheese is walking through The Airship, he finds TheGentleman and talks to him.

Then, he busts open the door and see's PoopyFarts with a plunger, plunging the toilet. Mr. Cheese asks him if he has a license for the plunger. PoopyFarts96 shows Mr. Cheese a plunger license.

Mr. Cheese allows him to continue.

He then walks past Mother in records and walks towards the gap room. He see's Engineer's dead body is on the platform.

He sets up barriers that prevent any crewmates from getting through. Mother covers Franklins visor. Stoner and PoopyFarts96 are shocked.

Player introduces Rookie to Mr. Cheese, Mr. Cheese asks what his name is and he says Rookie (of course), Mr. Cheese doesn't believe it and get's angry. Player then tells him that he was telling the truth and Rookie gasps.

Mr. Cheese asks if Rookie thinks he's better then Mr. Cheese because he paid for his hat.

Mr. Cheese mentions pineapple pizza. Rookie says it's disgusting. Captain comes into the room. He says pineapple pizza is his favorite type of pizza. Player says, "of course it is".

Captain says 411 and Mr. Cheese corrects him. Gnome comes in the room and starts crying because she killed Engineer, this was to trick the crewmates so they thought she was a crewmate. She asks where Engineers brain was, Captain answers and points to his head.

Mr. Cheese brings him to the brig, because Captain knew where Engineer's head was. Player mentions how nobody ever considered him captain.

Mr. Cheese says his job gets harder every day. Player and Rookie listen. Mr. Cheese let's everyone else expect Gnome and TheGentleman (because their not there) "move along".

Mr. Cheese looks at Gnome crying. After that all the color's turn black and white, he says "it's just another day on The Airship" and drinks some milk. The color's go back to normal and he ignores Gnome even though she was there. The color's are black and white again, and he ignores Gnome still. The color's turn back to normal and Gnome get's angry because Mr. Cheese ignores her. He notices Gnome, she says "the killer is still out there, and it's your job to keep the ship in line". Gnome get's angry again after Mr. Cheese keeps thinking.

Mr. Cheese goes to the armory and gets some weapons. He destroys the wall with one, then Player walks in and thinks he wants to kill the crewmates. Mr. Cheese locks up Player. Rookie, Stoner, PoopyFarts96, and Mother. Where locked up to. They all explain why, then Player gets angry because Mr. Cheese has to much power. Mr. Cheese does an evil laugh and asks "would a mad person do this?" Player answers, he says "probably". Player asks Cheddar to unlock the door, Cheddar growls and Player says "your way to cute looking to be this mean".

The camera goes to Mr. Cheese who thinks his work is done. He sees some top hats on the side of The Airship and says they look like TheGentleman's. Gnome comes in with a gun and says "they are". Gnome explains how she killed TheGentleman. Mr. Cheese was surprised that Gnome killed Engineer. Gnome mentions how many times he killed TheGentleman. All of these times where in games Gnome wasn't in, so it's weird she knew this. Mr. Cheese doesn't remember. He throws Gnome off the ship. She asks Mr. Cheese to put her in jail instead of killing her. He falls for it and gets pushed off.



  • Gnome becomes the first character to win a 1v9.
  • This episode is Rookie's first official appearance in an Among Us Logic episode.
  • This is the second episode with 1 imposter. The first was in Among Us Logic 16.
  • Veteran appears only via flashback in this episode, making this his first absence since Among Us Logic 17.
    • Interestingly, this is also Cheddar's first appearance since that same episode.
  • In Logic, Mr. Cheese said, "Hey you still down for Among Us later though?" to Player and Veteran, but only Player did.
  • This is the third episode to show Franklin talk. The first being Among Us Logic 5, and the second being Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams.
  • On GameToons Clips, some clips of this episode (such as "That's the good stuff") are different than the actual episode.
  • Player calls Rookie a "noob scrub idiot" in this episode as a payback for being called the same insult by Veteran in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor.
  • This episode calls back to Among Us Logic 2, Among Us Logic 9, and Among Us Logic 16.
    • This episode reveals that Mr. Cheese did kill TheGentleman in Among Us Logic 9.
  • This episode's name is a reference to the crime and an iOS modification process installing Cydia.


  • Right before the credits show up, Cheddar disappears at the end.