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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Imposter School (Ones Was Called "Monster School") is the 29th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on May 15, 2021.


It starts off in Happy’s Monster School, where Happy is welcoming all his pets to his class. His class includes Brown Bedcrab, Toto, Hamster, Bedcrab Squig, and Balthazar, who is sitting on Happy’s head. Happy is explaining that in today’s class, they will learn how to be the most vicious pets Among Us has ever witnessed. Then, out of a dark corner, Mr. Cheese asks if his evil master plan is complete. Happy says that it is, and everything is going according to plan. Mr. Cheese then asks why he has a brain slug on his head, and explains that it feeds off of Happy’s brain waves and will soon control his thoughts and feelings. But before Happy can react, Balthazar begins controlling him to say that he loves Balthazar, and to all hail the mothership. After he’s done controlling Happy, Mr. Cheese asks what that was. Happy says it’s nothing. Then, Mr. Cheese walks over to the pets and exclaims that once he has an army of evil pets, everyone will know that his name Mr. Cheese. He laughs an evil laugh, but Captain hears him, and asks what’s going on in the room. Luckily for Mr, Cheese and Happy, they convince Captain they were laughing about a thing PoopyFarts96 said, and Captain walks away.

The round starts, and the impostors in the round are Mr. Cheese, Happy, and Asdf, who is all the pets disguised as a crewmate under a cyan spacesuit. Asdf spawns next to Captain, who introduces himself to asdf. However, asdf, being just pets, can’t talk, and Captain becomes suspicious. Then Mr, Cheese and Happy come in, and they convince him again that nothing is suspicious, and asdf is just a regular crewmate. However, once Captain accepts that, Mr. Cheese shouts: “Minions, attack!”. All the pets come out from under the blanket, and kill Captain.

We cut to Veteran, who is an electrical, trying to find breaker number 1 to complete his task. But he can’t find it, and he starts getting really annoyed. Then, he hears the scuttling of Bedcrab on the ceiling, and gets so freaked out that he tries to get out of the room. But when he finally finds the ladder, Hamster rolls up in front of it. At first, Veteran is none the wiser, and says that they both need to get out of the room. Then, the pets kill him.

Wizard is in a room, taking out the trash. But when he finally gets the bag out, the bag breaks, and trash falls out. He is mildly annoyed, but remarks that it won’t be so hard if he uses his magic. With impressive control, he magically cleans up the room with his wand. He is very happy, until Happy comes out of a vent and kills him. Ironically, it covers the room in blood, therefore making the room even more messier than it started. Happy asks Mr. Cheese, who is sitting in the vent, if he did good. Mr. Cheese says he did, but asks where the pets are. Happy says that he must’ve lost them in electrical. Mr. Cheese expresses his frustration by scolding Happy. He demands that Happy finds the pets, and Happy says he will. Then, he gets controlled by Balthazar again, who makes him say: “Pets are equal and pets are good. So is the mother ship. All hail the mother ship.” Mr. Cheese, confused, asks if there is an alien invasion he should know about.

Player is fixing a shower head, but as he is, the pets all come out of their hiding place and get ready to kill him. But before they can, Captain’s dead body is reported by TheGentleman. Once they are in the meeting, Mr. Cheese remarks that if they had more evidence, they would know who the impostors were. Then he and Happy stupidly laugh, prompting everyone to be suspicious of them. But Player says that it’s obvious who the impostors are. He points at asdf, who is beside him, and says that the "person" is just a bunch of pets in disguise. Mr. Cheese tries the defend asdf, not wanting his pets to be voted out, but the more he defends them, the more supicious everyone is of him. It gets to the point where all the players prepare to vote for him, but before they can, Balthazar takes control of everyone.

A UFO comes into the room and congratulates Balthazar on a job well done, trusting his host (Happy) is ready for consumption. Balthazar, speaking for the first time, asks that Happy be spared as he has become attached to him. The UFO says that if that’s the case, Balthazar will be banished from the alien empire. Balthazar stands by his decision and, after being told to choose a replacement, offers Player instead. With that, Player gets abducted by the spaceship and Balthazar releases everyone from his control. Once again, Mr. Cheese derides Happy for keeping a mind-controlling parasite as a pet. Noticing Player's sudden absence, Stoner asks where he is, everyone oblivious to his abduction by the UFO which travels off in a flash of light.



  • This is the first episode to list the credits in the description rather than at the end of the episode.
  • This episode is Happy's first official appearance in an Among Us Logic episode.
  • This is the second episode with 3 imposters. The first was in Among Us Logic 5.
  • There was a reference from Among Us Logic 2 when Happy said "Happy do good boss?" after killing Wizard. This is a reference to when Mr. Cheese killed TheGentleman in Admin.
  • This was also a reference to Logic when Mr. Cheese asks the exact same thing after leading Player and Veteran to him.
  • It is possible Happy and MrCheese's Monster School is a reference to the Minecraft Monster School videos where Herobrine teaches hostile mobs (and two neutral mobs since an Enderman and a Zombie Pigman/Piglin are present in the videos) how to do random things.
  • Veteran complaining about the Reset Breakers Task is insanely accurate as most players have issues with this task and end up getting killed in the middle of this task.
  • It is unknown if Happy will get sent to the Cheater's Lobby.
  • This is one of the most controversial episodes in the series.