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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter is the 31st Among Us Logic episode and the 5th and last Novisor Saga episode. It was released on May 29, 2021.


In what seemed to be his own room, Player tries to win a round in a fighting game. Unsurprisingly, he loses and as a result throws the controller out of rage. His parents came but faces unseen to the room, trying to comfort him as they see their son in frustration. His parents were nice to him until it was revealed that his parents never cared all this time, only showing him their fake attitude. After bitterly mocking him, both push their son inside the TV screen which Player used to play the game he lost earlier.

Fortunately, this was all a dream, and so, he regains consciousness after Captain tried to wake him up. He, along with Captain and Ninja, survived the Airship’s crash, landing onto a mysterious place from the portal it entered the last episode. Knowing he had been betrayed, Player threateningly asks where Dr. Doctor is. The latter explains that he had no intention to betray them, rather he had a reason why he brought them there.

After searching for Aiden for weeks, he goes into his dorm room on which the laptop that trapped his son inside was found. Dr. Doctor asks Punk, the last person Aiden had spoken to, where his son is, but to no avail. He knew somehow that this laptop would connect with the sudden disappearance of his son, so he went inside the game, to the Skeld.

He searched his son, screaming "Aiden! Aiden, are you here!", but Novisor appeared, Dr. Doctor, like Aiden, searched for a bargain, saying that he will find another host to him for the Aiden's back, but like any other deal, it has to be sure, so Novisor ripped out his visor. Player understands, saying to him the same thing that he heard from his parents in his dream.

Duncan and the Novisor's Cultists appears, they capture Ninja, Captain and Player, he summons Novisor, he says that he has been waiting so long for this moment, Dr. Doctor take the Red Knife, but about to kill Player, kills Duncan instead, Doctor, Captain and Ninja kill the Novisor's Cultists. Novisor punchs Dr. Doctor, crashing him to a rock, Novisor summons TheGentleman, Mr. Cheese, Veteran and PoopyFarts96 as No-Visors, saying that he taken everything from Player and calling him weak. Player says to Captain and Ninja to get out of there, takes the Red Knife and says "Is only me he wants", he convinces Novisor to fight only the two, Player and Novisor fights, but the latter knocks down Player, when he is about to kill him, Dr. Doctor appears and cut the Novisor's arm. Player take the Knife and stabs Novisor, saying "Novisor! I win." and finally killing him. After says "It's over", being teleported back.



  • This is the first episode to not take place on an Among Us map.
  • This is the first episode Novisor has more than one dialogue.
  • This is the first episode to feature the parents of two characters.
  • This episode recycles media from previous episodes.
    • The way Player defeats Novisor uses the same animation as Mr. Cheese killing TheGentleman in Episode 16.
    • The music when Player killed Novisor was the same music when Mr. Cheese killed Mr. Egg in Among Us Logic 5.
  • When Player finally woke up from his dream, from confusion, he says, "What is this place?" He also said the same phrase in episode 13 when he was suddenly inside the cheater's lobby.
  • When Player said Captain and Ninja get out of there, Ninja said "Eh?", the same sound that we listen in Among Us Logic 2.
  • After 28 straight losses, Player finally gets a well deserved victory.


  • In the episode's beginning in media res (timestamp 0:16), after Novisor brandishes his weapon, he says to Player, "So, you finally figured it out." But in the actual scene when the battle between both of them surely continues, he did not say this same phrase (timestamp 9:36).