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Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor Is marked as 13+ material for the following reason, frightening images.
This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor is the 28th Among Us Logic episode and the 4th Novisor Saga episode. It was released on May 8, 2021.


Player, Captain, Ninja, and a mysterious new character are running from No-Visors on the Airship. Ninja slashes some of the No-Visors and closes the door to the cockpit.

Several hours earlier, Baggy and his "bestest most platonic friend ever" Blondie are at a drive-in movie theater. When they arrive at the ticket booth, they meet a strange old man (Duncan) who offers them tickets to a new horror film, The Curse of No-Visor. Baggy initially declines, but after Duncan insinuates watching it would "prove" he's cool, Baggy buys two tickets to the movie.

Baggy and Blondie watch the film, only to see that it is a cheesy B-movie with horrible acting and special effects. As they mock the film, it suddenly stops playing, and the two see the real Novisor. Novisor tears into their car and kills them both. Duncan drags their visor-less bodies and throws them into the back of a pick-up truck full of other corpses, and Novisor appears before him briefly before vanishing. Duncan realizes the ritual of summoning Novisor has been completed and cackles, proclaiming "The end is upon us!"

Meanwhile, back on the Airship, the ending of the last Novisor episode is shown, and Player calls Ninja. At Ninja’s house, he is visited by a mysterious person known as Dr. Doktor, who explains the true origin of No-Visor. The apparent ghost is actually an ancient, malevolent entity that is served by a large cult and possesses vessels every few years to continue wreaking havoc, while his name comes from the Latin words for "accept fate". He then reveals that Player is next in line to be possessed.

Back on the Airship, Player and Captain are hanging from the ceiling of the Gap Room by sludge. Captain says that Poopyfarts tried to stab him in the shower, but missed. Due to Captain’s impressive impromptu acting skills, everyone believed him dead. Player and Captain meet Ninja and Dr. Doktor, and Ninja gets them down from the ceiling. Dr. Doktor explains that Player is Novisor’s “Chosen One”. They run into some Novisors, who chase them to the cockpit, where Ninja locks them out.

Dr. Doktor begins driving the Airship, when a Novisor-like portal appears before it. This alarms everyone else on board, with Player telling Dr. Doktor to steer away from it. Dr. Doktor does not comply, prompting an antsy Player to question if he can see what's before them. It's here that Dr. Doktor reveals himself to be working for Novisor, saying “Where [they are] going, [they] don’t need visors to see.” Dr. Doktor flies the Airship into the vortex, which then closes up.



  • This is the first episode where Ninja speaks English. This is therefore the first episode where the other characters can actually understand him without needing a translator.
  • The cultists' chant really does translate to "accept fate." The Latin words novi sors can be translated as "accept fate" or "know [your] lot."
  • This episode confirms a fan theory saying that Captain faked his death in The Revenge of Novisor.


  • Bronson Lassetter was uncredited.