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Among Us Logic: The God Imposter is the 30th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on May 22, 2021.


The episode's old thumbnail.

Veteran is seen running for his life in the Hall of Portraits as Rose and BDay shoot at him with bullets that can turn the target into gold. When Veteran reached Kitchen, Mr. Cheese blocks his way. Mr. Cheese ends up being shot when Veteran pushed him. Veteran continued running and ended up in Vault, where he possibly went the wrong way. BDay and Rose surround him with nowhere left to go.

BDay and Rose were about to shoot Veteran but Player is heard from a distance, telling them not to. BDay and Rose bow down to Player as he enters the room. Player then placed both of his hands to BDay and Rose's heads, which evetually turned into gold. Player declares that he no longer need the two's services, he had betrayed them. Veteran thanks him for killing the two pursuers. Player questions him his lack of awareness on their current situation. Player approaches, reaching his hand to kill Veteran, but Veteran stops him and asks what is behind everything that has happened. Player didn't want to, but he told Veteran the story. And the flashback starts.

Earlier that day, Player is seen sitting in one of the chairs in Cafeteria back in the Skeld. He showed an uninterested pose and didn't join his friends who were having fun trying out their mods, who were in Player's back during the scene. Captain showed up first from the left, as a Ghast, spat fireballs everywhere. Dum can be heard but is not seen, and soon appeared as a giant with a thud from the upper side. Stoner, who became a dragon, wrestles hand-to-hand with Dum, exiting to the right. Mr. Cheese is seen last from the left as a cat. Player then starts to get annoyed, until he eventually finds the God of Among Us. The god, gives him superpowers, after he gave them to Player, Player leaves and starts killing crewmates, as he believes he is an impostor. He then finds Bday and Rose, thanks to his X-ray vision and makes them his soldiers. It then cuts back to when Veteran was running away from them. Player then tries to turn Veteran to gold, but fails, as Veteran is an impostor. After that, it cuts back to after when Player left when the god told him to help the crewmates.



  • This is the third episode with 1 imposter. The first was in Among Us Logic 16, and the second was in Among Us Logic: Jailbreak.
  • Excluding all Novisor episodes, this is the third episode where the title has the word "The" in it.
    • This is also the third episode with a title containing the word "Imposter".
  • Mr. Cheese's phrase "Bark, bark, I'm a cat" is a reference to the phrase "Meow meow I'm a cow" and "Beep, beep I'm a sheep" from asdfmovie 10.
  • There were references from past episodes in Veteran's flashback.
    • Captain as a ghast was the reference of Minecraft Logic 2.
    • Stoner as a dragon was the reference of Dragon Mod.
    • Dum as a giant was the reference of giant Mr. Cheese in Among Us Logic 14.
  • The God of Among Us's phrase is, "With great power comes great responsibility." (Player interrupted him before he says "responsibility"), is a popular proverb from Uncle Ben in Spiderman.
  • Dum saying "Not again" when being turned tiny is a reference to Among Us Logic: Daycare when everyone becomes the size of a mini crewmate.