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Veterans.png She didnt- She didn't install...the cardio mod...

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png Come back here, non-believer!

Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.png Hit her him! The Divine One will shall not be denied!

Veterans.png Ah! Gah! Ooh!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh hey there, Veteran! My name Mr-

Veterans.png No time for that!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Whoa!

Veterans.png What the-

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Cheese loui-

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png End of the line, Veteran! You will make a fine offering for the God King!

Veterans.png God King? Is that some sort of dumb, nerd thing?

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png Blasphemy, blasphemy!

Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.png Ooh, ooh! Can I shoot him now, honey? I wanna make the Divine One proud to me.

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png Tell you what Rose, it can be your early birthday present.

Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.png Done being snickems.

Veterans.png Rose, just kill me now.

Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.png It's the idea!

God Player.png Halt!

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.pngRose Wearing Beanie Hat.png My lord.

Veterans.png Player, thank the Goddess. Rose and BDay have got insane and- wait- something's different about you. Did you shave your mustache?

God Player.png What? No.

God Player.png There's only one god here, Veteran. Me.

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.pngAhahahah! Ooh!

Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.png What's this feeling? Ooh, a divine blessing from the Divine One?

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png Uhm, no. It feels more like death.

Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.png Oh.

BDay Wearing Beanie Hat.png Rose Wearing Beanie Hat.pngAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

God Player.png I no longer require your services. HAHAHAHAH!

Veterans.png Nice job, Player. Those guys were about to kill me in the name of some...Divine One.

God Player.png Do you seriously not get wha's going on in here, Veteran?

Veterans.png Not in the slightest.

God Player.png No matter, you will soon enough.

Veterans.png So, could you like, tell me? Maybe with a recap or-

God Player.png Ugh, fine.

Captain using Ghast mod in AUL 30 (Not from Minecraft Logic).pngFireball! Fireball!

Giant Dum.png Fee, fi, fo, fum!

Stoner Dragon.png Time to

Cat Mr. Cheese.png Haha! Bark bark, I'm a cat! Hahaha, bark, bark, haha!

Veterans.png Hey, buddy. Man, gotta catch my breath. This game sure is awesome today, huh?

Player2.png Awesome? It's a total mess! With all these mods installed you can't tell who the imposter is!

Veterans.png Yeah, that's the whole point of Among Us, dude.

Player2.png That's not what I mean?

Veterans.png Hey, man. I know you're feeling down cause you're bad at the game, and even with all these OP mods-

Captain using Ghast mod in AUL 30 (Not from Minecraft Logic).pngSo OP.

Veterans.png Thanks, Captain.

Veterans.png Even with all the so OP mods, you can't win.

Player2.png Veteran, it's not that I'm a sore loser. It's that this doesn't even feel like Among Us at this point.

Veterans.png How do you figure?

Giant Dum.png So long, Stoner!

Stoner Dragon.png Whoaaaa- AAAAAH!

Player2.png Ugh, nevermind.

Veterans.png Player, when I'm feeling like I suck—which is nothing cause I'm pretty awesome—I ask the old-knowing Goddess for advice.

Player2.png How is that gonna help me?

Veterans.png Fine. Don't listen to me then. All I know is that I win all the time and you literally have never won. Anyways, I'll be seeing ya.

Player2.png Wait, what?!

Veterans.png Automatic ejection mode, Player. No vote required.

Player2.png What?! That's so OP!

Captain using Ghast mod in AUL 30 (Not from Minecraft Logic).png So OP!

Player2.png NOOO!

Player2.png That's it! I'm done with Among Us, for real this time. I know I told Veteran that I'm wasn't a sore loser. But seriously?! All this time, I haven't won a single game?! That's gotta be statistically impossible!

Innersloth Gods.png

Player: Huh? Who's there?

God of Among Us: I am the God of Among Us.

Player: The god of Among Us is a giant sloth? I guess that makes sense.

God of Among Us: I have been watching you, Player. I am here to help you.

Player: Help me? How are you gonna do that?

God of Among Us: Use that power for...

Player: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.

Player: Listen, thanks again. I've got a game to get back to.

Captain: Fireball! Fireball!

Player: Time to get to work.

Captain: Hey, Player! I didn't know that you were in this lobby. Nice shiny hat. Say, does that mean that you've finally embraced mods?

Player: It sure does, Captain. Here, let me show you how mine works. Hiya!

Captain: Ahh!

Dum and Stoner: Huh?

Player: Let's see what else an impostor can do!


Stoner: Wait, what?

Dum: Ugh, not again!

Dum and Stoner: EEEEEEEEEEHHH!

Player: Wow! As the God Imposter, I can pretty much do anything I want! Including...

BDay: Don't move, honey. He can't see us if we don't move.

Rose: You watch too many movies, dear!

BDay: W-what are you gonna do to us?

Player: Well, I think it's time you gotta fashion upgrade!

BDay: My balloon!

BDay: My...lord.

Rose: How we may serve you, Divine One?

Player: Yes! Thanks to my god powers, I have two mind-controlled minions! Oh, I'm so close to winning, I can almost taste it! Okay, I killed Captain, Dum, and Stoner. That just leaves Mr. Cheese and Veteran. Just gotta play this right. You two!

BDay and Rose: Yes, my lord?

Player: Take these, and ensure my victory!

Rose: You will never lose again!

BDay: Long live Player!

Player: Yes, yes...

Rose: There he is!

Veteran: She didnt- She didn't install...the cardio mod...

BDay: Come back here, non-believer!

Rose: Hit her him! The Divine One will shall not be denied!

Veteran: What the-

Player: And that's how I was sent by God [of Among Us] who made me won my first game. Understand now, Veteran?

Veteran: Wow, Player. That was really something.

Player: Wait, what do you mean?

Veteran: I especially liked that part with the giant sloth god. Wasn't expecting that. Anyways, nice job buddy. It's about time you won a game.

Player: Really? This is happening?

Veteran: Yeah. I knew I had it in you all along. Go on, turn me into gold or whatever and let's celebrate.

Player: Well, okay. Here it goes. Thanks pal.

Player: Huh?

Veteran: Can you not do it when someone's watching or something? I can turn around if you want.

Player: That's not it. Something's wrong!

Veteran: Huh, that's awkward.

Player: What is it?

Veteran: I just noticed that I had a kill button this whole time. What did that sloth god say your mod was again?

Player: Well...

God of Among Us: Use that power for...

Player: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.

Player: Listen, thanks again. I've got a game to get back to.

God of Among Us: ...good crewmate.

Player: I was going to use the power to get the crewmates an easy win. And instead, I killed them all.

Veteran: Yup, seems that way.

Player: I'm never gonna win, am I?

Veteran: Nope.