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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: The King Imposter is the 20th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on March 13, 2021.


It starts in Electrical where Stoner asks Player if he played any cool games lately. When Player says, "Apart from Among Us?", Stoner begins to question, "Who am I?". Then, Mr. Cheese kills Player, during which, Player yelled for help from Stoner. Stoner begins to imagine and does a dance, Then, Mr. Cheese kills Stoner. The round ends, and another win for Mr. Cheese.

When Mr. Cheese spawns in the Dropship, he is congratulated by the rest of the group. Then, Captain says to say “Aye” to bow down to Mr. Cheese until someone forces them to stop. Everyone except Player bows down to Mr. Cheese. Then, Mr. Cheese is given Veteran's crown. Then, a new player named Hornsly enters the lobby. He has a robot named Qwerty. Then, the rest of the group gets distracted with Qwerty, forgetting about Mr. Cheese. Mr. Cheese tries to grab their attention, but his actions are vain. TheGentleman gives Qwerty his hat, further angering Mr. Cheese.

The round starts, and Player and Mr. Cheese are assigned Impostors. The rest of the group follows Qwerty to O2. Mr. Cheese and Player are watching them from Security, then, Mr. Cheese accidentally cuts the power to the cameras, and he comes up with a plan. In weapons, the group teach Qwerty how to shoot the guns used to destroy asteroids. Player distracts the group with a dance and some kitchen tools, while Mr. Cheese killed Veteran and vented, not knowing that Qwerty had spotted him venting. Everyone noticed Veteran's Body behind him. It's reported, and a meeting starts. Quickly, Qwerty calls out Mr. Cheese, Getting him voted out in the process.

Player realizes he can't win alone and chooses to give up, but he is stopped by a reflection of himself. However, Mother overheard his conversation with himself, but Player convinces Mother to leave because of a 'safety hazard' and 'who will think of the children?'. After Mother left, he vented to kill more people. He finds Stoner in Medbay still hallucinating, and he kills him by shooting the fan above him. But, TheGentleman overheard the bang in Medbay, and he confronted Player. Player tried to convince TheGentleman that the fan fell by itself. But TheGentleman saw the bullet hole above the fan and asks player why it was there. Player, panicking, pulls out his gun and kills TheGentleman. Player reports TheGentleman's body, and a meeting started. not long after the meeting started, Qwerty accused Player of being the Impostor. Player denies this, and Captain skips. Player attacks a fake Hornsly, Believing he won, but realizes that it was a fake. Qwerty locks him in Navigation and kills him with the guns he was taught to use, ending the episode.



  • Player lost for the 25th time in the series, because of Qwerty destroying Player.
  • It is possible Hornsly and Qwerty could be Cheaters, as fake players cannot be put into Among Us and you cannot eject Navigation of the Skeld.
  • This is Player's 3rd closest win, the first is Among Us Logic 2, and the second is Among Us Logic 10.
  • The speech Player gave to TheGentleman before killing him was a reference to a movie called Dirty Harry.
  • It is unknown if Hornsly and Qwerty were sent to the Cheater's Lobby.
  • The thumbnail is a reference to STA Studios's, Among Us Movie 3.


  • Hornsly is not in the crowd when Qwerty is shooting asteroids.
  • Even though Player states that "[skipping the vote] has never happened in one of these games before," the crew also skips in the first meeting of Among Us Logic 3.