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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate is the 32nd Among Us Logic episode. It was released on June 5, 2021.


The episode starts on a desert planet with the Airship crashed on it. We see Player recording a distress call asking for help, calling himself "the last crewmate." The episode jumps back 20 years to show Player, commanding the airship, fighting against Lord Gentleman, commanding the spaceship from the Polus telescope task. Player sends out a group of pilots comprised of every blue character from the series, all flying spaceships. B-Day is killed by Stoner in the ensuing battle. It is unknown if the rest of the blues survived. Lord Gentleman orders his soldiers, a group of multiple Captains to open fire on General Player’s airship. He is saved when expositional words appear on screen, blocking the fire. However, the airship is ultimately shot down, with the crewmates (and Qwerty) running everywhere in panic. We jump to the present, where Lord Gentleman has hired Gnome, Hunter, and Baggy as bounty hunters to bring him Player. Player knocks Baggy unconscious and attempts to eat his sandwich that he was holding, only for Gnome to disintegrate it. Player defeats her in a gunfight by trapping her in a net. He attempts to kill her only to discover Hunter behind him with a gun to his head. Player surrenders, but Hunter then chokes and dies. Lord Gentleman then enters the ship and tells Gnome that he no longer needs her before killing her. Lord Gentleman then reveals that he is Players father, which he dismisses as false. Lord Gentleman offers Player a chance to join him, but Player refuses so Gentleman freezes him in carbonite with a Ray gun. Gentleman then calls for help from Space Commander Cheese, who is angry since he was supposed to rule alongside Gentleman. The episode ends with Veteran responding to Player’s message, telling him that help is on the way.



  • This episode is Hunter's first official appearance in an Among Us Logic episode.
  • Greaser returns after a 28 episode absence, beating Sheriff for 18 episodes absence in Hacking Security Cams!.
  • The episode is a reference to the Star Wars franchise, more specifically the 8th movie which is titled The Last Jedi.
  • This episode could be a reference to Among Us Meets Star Wars by STA Studios.
  • This episode has the most impostors of any episode so far with at least 6.


  • Sometimes, Player can be seen without the scar on his face.
  • After Player hits Baggy and proceeds to fight Gnome, Baggy disappears.
  • Wait, Hunter himself says the crewmate war happened in 2021, and Player, in the beginning, says that his story happened 20 years ago, which means....this episode is set in 2041.