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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor is the 21st Among Us Logic episode and the 2nd Novisor Saga episode. It was released on March 20, 2021.


It starts with memories from Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor. Then it cuts to a announcement about a bundle? Anyways, it cuts to Player sleeping in Medbay on MIRA HQ. Then, it switches to Camera #2, where it shows Novisor watching Player sleep up until 3:15:25 AM. Then, Player wakes up in Medbay, Also with Veteran. They then talk about Veteran's last memory, Then gets jumped by Ria. Ria then gets killed by Novisor. Mr. Egg then finds Player and Veteran with Ria's body and Reports It. At the meeting, Mr Egg accuses Player and Veteran. Veteran says he killed Ria, and gets voted out. It then pops up 'Veteran Was Not An Impostor'. Mr. Egg says that Player was telling the truth, and Player says that they are all in danger. Then, Mr. Cheese suggests that they end the game by completing tasks. Then, Mr. Egg gets taken and killed by Ria, now a Novisor minion, and cuts the power. TheGentleman goes to fix the power, only for it to turn on a computer, Where it shows a vent in the middle of the woods. Then, Mr. Egg, now as a Novisor minion, comes out of the vent, and takes TheGentleman off camera. Then, it cuts to Mr. Cheese hiding in a corner in Storage, recording himself while crying. He says to Novisor that he will cut the price of Mr. Cheese Merchandise by 25-50%. He then finds TheGentleman standing in a corner in Storage, only to find out that it's Novisor. His camera glitches to show Novisor smiling and then trying to mimic Player’s design. If you listen closely at 7:30, you can hear Mr. Cheese scream and get killed. It then cuts to player near the Locker Room, only to find out that there's no tasks. He then goes to the Locker Room, only to then find TheGentleman's Visor-less Body Stuffed in one of the lockers. He is then suddenly surrounded by all the visor-less ghosts and Novisor, and screams, ending the episode.

It is an hour past midnight. Player is sleeping in one of the MedBay beds. While sleeping, Player te

Player gets up from bed. He throws the blanket away to see Veteran lying down beside him. He questions Veteran, but he soon realizes that he had not recall himself being in another place. He expected Veteran to think the same, but Veteran insisted that they were playing a normal game, as usual. While walking on a hallway, Player asks Veteran why he is not worried about how they have woken up to be inside of the game. Player remarks that he feels like someone is watching them from their place. Veteran points out the drawn figures of crewmates in front of them, thinking that they are the 'someone' Player is talking about, but Player dismisses. Someone says hi in the middle of their conversation. Veteran is more scared, so he jumps to Player, forcing Player to catch him. Veteran introduces himself, trying to make a good impression on Ria. Veteran assured that Novisor cannot reach them in MIRA, so Player will stop worrying. However, Ria does not believe Novisor exists, dismissing him as some urban legend. Suddenly, the

Veteran and Player step away from her. Player points out that he is behind her, Ria was about to ask what Player is trying to tell her but Novisor pounces on Ria, eating her alive.

Mr. Egg arrived just after Novisor had disappeared. Player and Veteran were near Ria's body, so Mr. Egg was convinced that one of them may have killed her. At the meeting, Mr. Egg readily accused them. Player tells them neither of them are not the impostors, but Veteran decided to confess to everyone that he was anyway. Veteran decided to vote himself out from the game to avoid being killed. After knowing that Veteran was really innocent, Mr. Egg finally believed Player. Mr. Cheese proposed a solution: once everyone has completed their tasks, the game automatically ends. TheGentleman hears a chanting in the background and asks if they have heard the same. Ria appears, but she is now transformed into one of Novisor's minions. It grabs Mr. Egg and takes him away, with Mr. Egg disappearing with it.

TheGentleman opens the panel cover. He is doing the divert power task. Once he is done, he notices that nothing had reminded him that his task is completed. Instead, it turns on the monitor near him, showing a vent. The vent opens by a No-Visor Mr. Egg. It starts chanting as it approaches closer to TheGentleman. The ghost passes through the monitor screen, where TheGentleman is on its reach. His screams are heard in the background.

Unlike the others, Mr. Cheese hid in Storage and covered himself with a long cloth. He starts recording himself, talking about how worried is he

He hears someone mumbling from outside. It was TheGentleman. Mr. Cheese removes his cover to fully see him. He calls him out, but TheGentleman does not look back as



  • It is unknown who was the Impostor of this Episode.
    • However, the Imposter may be Novisor himself, but he had glitched the Game to not show himself in the Meeting screen.


  • The pillow on the bed that Veteran and Player have slept on is present at timestamp 1:10-1:14, but a second later, it disappears.