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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor is the 24th Among Us Logic episode and the 3rd Novisor Saga episode. It was released on April 10, 2021.


The episode starts with a flashback to the end of the last episode on the Novisor series (The Return of Novisor). We then move to the airship map as Player is sent there via the ruby, which is sparking electricity. He is scared out of his mind until he sees Veteran. Veteran asks him to help him dressing the mannequin. Player tells him about his Novisor experience but Veteran tells him its fine, clearly not remembering the events of previous Novisor episode. Veteran asks if he has tasks because there not many tasks left. When Player begins to polish the ruby, he sees Novisor’s reflection on it. Veteran questions Player. He then says they need to get the rifles to put them away. As they are walking away, Novisor appears in the ruby again, unknown to Player. As they are walking, Mr. Cheese seems to be trapped in a small room telling him to complete the ritual. He then disappears. Veteran says the should split up, as he is annoyed by Player's behavior. Veteran goes to the armory and finds Stoner there, whom he accidentally kills despite being a crewmate. Stoner then transforms into a No-Visor, and kills Veteran. Next we see Captain taking a shower as he starts to sing, but then a mysterious shadow seemingly stabs him to death. Afterwards, Player is seen trying to find info on the ritual to stop Novisor, but he then hears moaning coming from inside a drawer Player opens it to see Mr. Egg. He says Player is the only one who can defeat Novisor. Player asks how to do it, and Mr. Egg says he must preform a séance. He says that it’ the only way to make things right. He then vanishes. Afterwards, Captain's body is reported. By this point only Poopyfarts96, Player and Wizard are left alive. Player tries to tell them about Novisor, but Wizard is doubtful as Captain had been stabbed to death, leading Player to conclude that someone is working with Novisor. TheGentleman and Ria appear, telling Player that someone is trying to revive Novisor, but nobody else can hear them because they are ghosts. Wizard is confused, telling Player that he's scaring Poopyfarts96. Player says he has a book and he has to do a séance to communicate with Novisor and break the curse. Wizard says he believes him and skips the vote and says he will preform the séance with him. Poopyfarts96 then skips as well. They then take a look at the book Player asks if anybody can read this, to which Poopyfarts96 does a farting noise saying he can read it. Suddenly, wind blows everything away as Poopyfarts96 does the séance and summons Novisor, who grows arms and legs. Poopyfarts96 gives Novisor a red knife, but Novisor uses it to kill Poopyfarts96. Player and Wizard try to run, but only Player makes it out. A desperate Player makes a call to the most skilled player he knows: Ninja. Afterwards, Novisor comes through the wall, seemingly about to eat Player, and the screen goes black before we see what happens next.



  • After Captain "dies," his portrait appears without a red X in the meeting.
    • Captain reveals in The Curse of Novisor that Poopyfarts96 failed to kill him, and Captain faked his own death. That scene is a reference to the movie Psycho.
  • It is revealed that the Novisor forms might just be illusions, as the true ghosts are seen.
  • It is revealed in this episode near the end that Ninja's phone number is 15847.


  • While Poopyfarts was summoning Novisor, the Necrewmatecon disappeared for three seconds from its place (7:51 to 7:53) but reappears again after right before Novisor covers the book from sight (8:01).