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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!

Among Us Logic is the 1st Among Us Logic episode. It was released on September 19, 2020.


A panicked Player tells Stoner to vote out TheGentleman, accusing him of being the Impostor. Stoner, confused, asks Player why he is so accusatory. Player starts his story:

Flashing back to 8 minutes earlier, Player joins the lobby. He ends up meeting TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese. Mr. Cheese begins to introduce himself with his catchphrase, resulting in a slap from his partner. Player soon learns that they call each other by their usernames. The Gentlemen introduces Player to Stoner, Sheriff, Angel, Captain, Rose, and B-Day, as well as Ninja, who immediately leaves the game. The rest then vote to start without him.

Player gets the Crewmate role and spawns in MIRA HQ, where he meets up with TheGentleman and MrCheese. However, MrCheese is instantly murdered, seemingly by TheGentleman. Player reports the body, scared.

Player tries to tell his findings, but Captain, who thinks he's smart, points fingers to Sheriff for blaming Angel. Sheriff then gets ejected.

Captain, who believes no one had evidence, tells everyone to scatter. Player decides to do some tasks. He finishes cleaning the O2 filter when he sees Angel with a knife standing over a dead Bday and Rose, who gives him TheGentleman's regards. Player reports the body again.

Player tries to explain, however, Stoner steals his thunder and accuses Angel. Everyone votes for Angel, Angel even calling TheGentleman a traitor. Angel gets ejected, being an impostor.

Player is about to tell that the other impostor is TheGentleman, when the reactor goes haywire, and the remaining four scramble to fix it. They fix it, however, Player, TheGentleman, and Stoner find a dead Captain beside TheGentleman. Player then reports the body.

Back in the present, Player finishes his story and votes TheGentleman, who, feeling betrayed, votes for Player. After that, Stoner reveals he was the impostor, explaining his methods. Player gasps as he gets ejected, and he says he should've stuck to Fall Guys.



  • In the flashback sequence, Stoner is shown communicating with Angel over Discord during the match. In real life, this practice is frowned upon by Among Us players, as it is considered cheating.
    • In that shot, we also see that Stoner's other Discord nickname is RocksRockMyWorld and that he had a conversation with Angel where she wanted him to watch GameToons videos So this means they were breaking the 4th wall.
  • Upon rewatching the episode, several small details hint at The Gentleman not being the impostor after all. When Mr. Cheese is killed, a vent opening sound can be heard – The Gentleman would have no need of using the vent since he was already in the room. Angel's comment of "Traitor!" could very easily be acting to throw off Player's suspicions, since she agreed to take the fall for killing Rose and B-Day. Additionally, The Gentleman wouldn't have time to both prevent the reactor meltdown and kill Captain.


  • During the first meeting scene, the megaphone icon appears next to Stoner, even though Player was the one who reported the body.
  • The episode takes place in MIRA HQ, but when people are ejected, they are seen floating off into space. The ejection animation for MIRA HQ is being dropped into the High Skies; being thrown out the airlock is the ejection animation for The Skeld.
  • If one looks closely, TheGentleman has 6 fingers.
  • If one is watching this video upside down, Stoner is on the left to Captain, Player and TheGentleman are behind them. But in the next shot, Stoner is still on the left of Captain and TheGentleman is the next to Captain and Player is behind him.
  • If you listen closely, you cannot hear the beep of Player's voting sound.
  • There cannot be 3 people fixing a sabotage so at timepiece mark (7:20) either Captain or TheGentleman were faking the sabotage.