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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 12 is the 12th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on December 26, 2020.



The episode begins with an airship flying up in the cloud, and inside there is Captain piloting the ship with Player standing beside him. A hologram message was sent to the airship and Mr. Cheese appeared in front of it. He have the airship surrounded by an Impostor aircraft. Captain wasn't afraid and warned that the people in the ship will turn against Mr. Cheese, Mr. Cheese laughed and told that not everyone is a crewmate inside his ship. Captain looked around and saw dead bodies everywhere and replied to Mr. Cheese without being surprised. Mr. Cheese said Player's name and Captain was shocked that his pal was an impostor. Player appeared with a knife on his hand (and wearing something) and Captain couldn't believe it. Player revealed that he was the impostor and said that he was the best impostor in the lobby, he never enjoyed his friendship with Captain and Captain's hat was stupid. As a result, Player stabbed Captain's head, brutally and consecutively as Mr. Cheese greeted Player.

Then Player woke up from his daydream since Mr. Cheese was calling his name. Then Mr. Cheese and Player looked at the airship up above them, which has a banner flying from it saying "Coming sometime in 2021". They chatted about how the airship would be. Some time later, Mr. Cheese calls Player a big dork and Player says he's gonna win this game. Then, Mr. Cheese stabs player, killing him. Player starts screaming as a ghost and he admitted defeat.

Next, he spawned and met Veteran. Player claims to Veteran that he will win this game no matter what it takes. Veteran explained that the real victory was about friends together. But Mr. Cheese then shows up and he started insulting them. Player then tells Mr. Cheese to back off. Veteran did the same. Mr. Cheese rode his motorcycle out of them spreading smoke. Player and Veteran started coughing and admitted that Mr. Cheese was better. He discussed that they could call their old pal Ninja.Then, Veteran talked to Ninja on Discord, asked if he wanted to play Among Us, and Ninja said something in another language.

Then everybody gathered up and started doing their tasks except Player. Veteran met Player again and negotiated to not kill himself. Then Ninja sliced veteran in half and killed a bunch of crewmates. Player wonders how Ninja is so good at the game. Then, Mr. cheese and TheGentleman see them red handed. They tried to convince Captain and vote off Player and Ninja, but Captain believed Player since he thought they're best friends. Mr. Cheese told Player to say Captain's real name, and Player didn't remember his name and guessed Captain's name is George. Captain got upset and said "wow" and voted Player off. Then, Player groaned "Can 2020 finally just be over already?", ending the video.



  • Ninja returns after a 10 episode absence.
  • The thumbnail was changed from a Right Hand Man looking imposter to a regular imposter.
  • This was the last episode released in 2020.
  • When Veteran says “ the real victory is the friends we make along the way.” It is a reference to a comment someone made on Among Us Logic 11


  • When Bro's body is reported, the Emergency Meeting sound is used instead.
  • Veteran saying to Ninja "Long time no chat" would be confusing as Veteran and Ninja never appeared in a episode together. They may have been already friends, but this is not confirmed yet.