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(The video begins with the airship flying)

(Inside the airship)

Normal Captain.webp Prepair the hyper thrusters!

Player2.png Aye Aye, Captain, after all, we are best friends forever, we're the kind of close companions that even know each other's first names.

Veteran in Star Trek.png Captain, there's an incoming transmission.

Normal Captain.webp Put it on the screen.

Mr. Cheese In Star Trek.png We meet again Captain, My name Mr. Cheese, I suggest you to quit now before I'm forced to do something rather rash. Oh, watch out.

Normal Captain.webp Mr. Cheese, you traitor scum, I knew you would be behind this.

Star trek mr egg.webp Sir! Imposter airships decloaking on the starboard side!

Mr. Cheese In Star Trek.png I have you surrounded Captain, oh oh, you're in trouble now.

Normal Captain.webp You and what army? You've made the fatal flaw of ousting yourself Mr. Cheese, now all the crewmates on my ship will stand united.

Mr. Cheese In Star Trek.png *evil laugh* Who said all the people on your ship are crewmates?

Normal Captain.webp Huh? *Turns to look to the sides*

(Everyone is dead)

Normal Captain.webp Well that's not what you want to see.

Mr. Cheese In Star Trek.png You've done well, P-Player.

Normal Captain.webp What? No!

Player in Star Trek.png Say goodbye, Captain.

Normal Captain.webp No! Player, how could you?

Player in Star Trek.png It was actually very easy, I'm the best imposter in this entire federation, I mean, this lobby.

Normal Captain.webp Fine, do your worst.

Player in Star Trek.png Your hat is stupid, and I never enjoyed our friendship.

Normal Captain.webp What?

*Player stabs Captain*

Mr. Cheese In Star Trek.png Player! Player! Player! Player!

*We change to reality*

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Player! PLAYER!

*A sponsor appears*

Player2.png Oh, hey Mr. Cheese, sorry, I was looking up at the airship and I must have started daydreaming.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh, don't worry Player, I understand, it's a beautiful ship, isn't it?

Player2.png Yeah, it's really something, they say it's going to have ladders, and new mechanics, and all sorts of cool stuff.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png It’ll come out real soon I'm sure, and who knows, maybe then you can win your first match, you big dork. *chuckles*

Player2.png What makes you think I won't win this match? ... Wait...

*Mr. Cheese pulls out a knife and kills Player*


*The defeat screen appears*

Veterans.png Hey dude, why the long fa-?

Player2.png Save it Veteran, I don't want to be distracted. I'm gonna win this next game, no matter what it takes.

Veterans.png Player, it's not about winning the game, it's about coming together as crewmates, doing our tasks and making something that's bigger than ourselves. Enjoying the fellow camaraderie with those around you. If you think about it, the real victory is the friends we make along the way.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Wow, that's the dumbest thing you've ever said Veteran, which is actually saying something since you're a total dumb dork moron.

Veterans.png Wow bro, I was just trying to-

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Trying to what? Explain why you're such a massive ding dong all the time? Here's a thought, maybe it's 'cause you both are such losers, and hanging out together has made your loserness even greater than the sum of your losery parts combined!

Player2.png Hey, back off Mr. Cheese.

Veterans.png Yeah, you've turned into a real jerk ever since you started winning all the time.

Motor.png Sorry dweebs, I call em like I sees em and what I see is two losers. Later lame boys.

Motor.png *put glasses on* I'm gonna go pick up some chicks. *drives motorcycle offscreen*

Veterans.png *cough* Oh my god dude, *cough* Mr. Cheese sucks now.

Player2.png *cough* Yeah, but he's right you know. He’s clearly better at Among Us than we are, and it's not like we know anyone good enough to carry us.

Veterans.png Well actually, there is someone.

Player2.png Wait, you don't mean...

Veterans.png Yes!

Player2.png No! It's too risky.

Veterans.png You want to win, don't you?

Player2.png More than anything. You’re right, make the call.

[Veteran calling Ninja on Discord]

Veterans.png Hey dude long time no chat, you uh, want to play some Among Us?

Ninjadefault.png (in Japanese) Yes I will join immediately.

[Player and Ninja are impostors]

Veterans.png So, were you lucky enough to get paired up with Ninja?

Player2.png Veteran, I can't tell you that.

Veterans.png That's a yes, it's okay though I can see how important it is for you to win a game. I understand how tantalizing the sweet sweet taste of victory is, I won't out you to the other players just uh, do me a favor and have me voted out, even if I'm not gonna win I still don't want to be sliced in half, you know?

Player2.png Oh yeah totally, I'm sure I can explain the situation to Ninja and you won't have to die.

[Ninja walks behind Veteran to attack]

Veterans.png Well, good luck out there compadre, and most importantly always remember to-

[Ninja slices Veteran in half]

Ninjadefault.png (in Japanese) I find joy in our victory but not in your friend.

Player2.png Oh, hey Ninja.

[Ninja kills everyone while Player watches]

Player2.png Man Ninja, you're unstoppable. How are you so good at this game?

Ninjadefault.png (in Japanese) It's not that difficult, just don’t suck at the game.

Player2.png And you don't speak any English?

Ninjadefault.png (in Japanese) Why do I have to speak English? Why can’t you learn Japanese?

Player2.png All right then, keep your secrets.

TheGentleman2.png Oh my heavens! So it was you two the whole time.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Dude, I totally knew that.

Player2.png You're too late Mr. Cheese, it's just us four and Captain left. And Captain loves me so he’ll definitely vote on our side.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh we'll see about that big boy.

Player2.png Yeah, we will see.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh you don't think we're gonna see.

Player2.png Oh I know we're gonna see.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png There's really only one thing left to do.

Player2.png And what's that now?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png To... see.

[Dead body reported]

Normal Captain.webp Hey gang, what's all the hubbub?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Vote out Player, Captain! He’s a murderer!

Normal Captain.webp Now those are pretty serious accusations to be throwing around, Mr. Cheese.

TheGentleman2.png Serious accusations indeed and seriously correct as well, Mr. Cheese and I caught them both red-handed in the laboratory.

Player2.png Nuh-uh! He’s lying!

Normal Captain.webp Hmm strong defense, Player. TheGentleman, your rebuttal?

TheGentleman2.png Player and Ninja are working together, Ninja knows that you consider yourself to be a friend with Player and is counting on you siding with him in this vote.

Normal Captain.webp Wait wait wait, what do you mean consider yourself to be a friend with Player, me and Player are best friends.

Player2.png Absolutely, Player and Captain, best friends forever.

Normal Captain.webp Yeah, we sure are. Time to take out the trash.

Player2.png So, which one are we voting out?

Ninjadefault.png (in Japanese) Let's vote for the Cheese. He is the biggest threat and the only player in this lobby to match my ninja skills.

Normal Captain.webp Player, did you get any of that?

Player2.png I think I heard Mr. Cheese in there somewhere.

Normal Captain.webp Good enough for me. *takes out notebook and pencil*

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Say his name Player.

Player2.png What?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png If you and Captain are best friends, you probably know each other's real names, right?

Player2.png Uh, I don't have to prove anything to you.

Normal Captain.webp Say my name, Player.

Player2.png Uh... George?

Normal Captain.webp Wow.

[Player was ejected]

Player2.png Can 2020 finally just be over already?

[Ending Credits and music]