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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! is the 13th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on January 9, 2021.


The episode starts with Blue walking through the Skeld into MedBay where he finds Not Orange making a machine to revive crewmates. Blue asked what he was doing. Not Orange explained that he made this device to cheat in the game and revive crewmates, Blue wants to see it work but Not Orange says he has to be dead for it to work but Blue kills him revealing that he was the imposter. Not Orange goes to the machine he made to revive himself.

Then, he go to the lower engine and kills Mother and says that his name now is Monster. Not Orange calls a meeting and says that Monster is the Impostor. Monster thinks how he still alive and finally he know that the revive machine works.

When Player spawns in the lobby, he saw Mr Cheese who is angry because his colour was taken. Bone was angry too because her mini crewmates were taken by him. Not Orange use spray to sprays his mini crewmates and he says that mini crewmates are pets. Player comes and asks Veteran what's going on. He says that Not Orange name is very strange. But, Player says that the name is very funny. Not Orange made a bet that if he lose, he will change pets, skin, colour and name. But, if he wins, he will change anything to what he likes. Finally, Mr Cheese, Bone and Veteran agrees to the bet, Player facepalm using his hand.

The game starts when Player and Veteran went to admin. Player says that too many people went to admin to do card swipe, Then, there is dead body (Bone) in admin (Stack kill). They reported the body. TheGentleman says that he was trying to swipe the blasted card. Not Orange then makes jokes and TheGentleman says that they need to be serious because there is a killer in the loose. Veteran voted Not Orange because he wants Not Orange get voted. But, Not Orange votes Veteran because he don't do card swipe. Veteran says that Player needs to trust him because he was with Player together. Player trust Veteran and finally, Veteran got voted and ejected to the space.

Player go to weapons and meet Not Orange and Monster do clear asteroids. Player says that because of them the impostors have 6 more kills to win. After Not Orange do clear asteroids, he wanna tell a secret to him. Then, Player, Not Orange and Monster revive Bone. Bone confused. Not Orange revived her with the help of vitals screen and healing crystal. Bone screams when she wants to stand up. Captain calls an emergency meeting. He was confused because he killed Bone in admin. TheGentleman calls out Monster and Not Orange for cheating. TheGentleman begs Player to not give in to cheating, but Player refuses and calls him an "old man." TheGentleman and Captain get voted out. Player wins his first game, but he falls to the cheater's lobby. SirClogsworth says that he will stuck to this lobby forever. To end the Episode, Player shouts "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" very loudly as the screen fades to black ending the episode.



  • This is the 1st episode Veteran gets voted out.
  • This was almost the first game that Player won, except he got sent to the "Cheater's Lobby", so it doesn't really count as a win.
  • Player is the third character to perform a "Big No", the first was Veteran, and the second one was TheGentleman.
  • One of the Cheaters in the Cheater's Lobby is the Sponsor from Logdotzip about the Among Us Logic Minecraft Skin Pack.


  • There were 2 Impostors, so the eject text should have had "an" in place of "the."
  • Mr. Egg and PoopyFarts96 swapped positions in chat in the same meeting, which is impossible.
  • If one looks closely at the stack kill, they can spot TheGentleman and Captain doing the Swipe Card, despite them being Imposters.
  • Not Orange responded to Captain's question why is Bone alive, and he responds with "he" wouldn't be alive right now if she was dead. However, Bone is a female, not a male.