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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby is the 14th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on January 16, 2021.


Player is still trapped in Cheater's Lobby following the events of the previous episode. Following a horrible round with 100 players which causes Player to jump out of the ship because of loudness (thus running to the ejection area and opening it himself) to escape, he talks with his fellow inmate Sirclogsworth, admitting he misses his friends.

Suddenly, Mr. Cheese appears behind him, having been banished as well thanks to the bots incident. As the two catch up, Clogsworth introduces them to their fellow cheaters, including Angel (who had been banished for hacking into the kill cooldown), Ms. Pink, a beautiful and tall player who Player quickly falls in love with, and the New England Patriots.

Clogsworth starts another round, where Player and Angel are the impostors. Player quickly discovers that they are playing on the tiny Impostor mod, and he and Angel are only inches tall. Angel promptly murders Mr. Cheese, but as they head off to kill more crewmates, Ms. Pink crushes Angel beneath her foot, having cheated so she can kill Impostors. Before she can kill Player, Clogsworth summons an emergency meeting after finding Mr. Cheese's corpse.

After Ms. Pink reveals Player as an Impostor, Player confesses, having decided that winning means nothing (he probably got used to losing) if he's trapped away from his friends. Clogsworth reveals that there actually is a way to escape the Cheater's Lounge that no cheater would dare try: apologize to Innersloth. Player promptly says a heartfelt apology for cheating in Among Us to InnerSloth, and is transported to his usual lounge. A surprised Player admits he had not expected that to work ending the episode without winning or losing.



  • This is the 1st absence of Captain.
  • Angel returns after a 13 episode absence.
  • The gag where the New England Patriots are introduced as cheaters, and one of them stabs a football with a knife, is probably a reference to the 2015 Deflategate scandal.
  • The Scene where Angel kills Mr.Cheese she uses gear similar to the Gear used to kill Titans in Attack on Titan.
  • There is sponsor from Dragon City in the beginning and end of the video.
  • If you slow down the video from 9:22 to 9:24, you can see a glimpse of a yellow crewmate with a mask called Chiz. Chiz did not appear in Among Us Logic 15, surprisingly. You can also get a glimpse of Veteran's name.