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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague is the 15th Among Us Logic episode was released on January 23, 2021.


Player, Captain, and Mr. Cheese run from Mr. Cheese's zombified dog, Toto. They manage to escape; as they discuss their next move, a flashback reveals that a zombified Toto transformed Engineer into a zombie, resulting in the zombie infection spreading to both Crewmates and Impostors alike. Captain suggests that they split up, but Player and Mr. Cheese refuse to go long with it. Captain distracts them by claiming there are zombies behind them and running off when they turn their backs to him. Player throws up his hands and decides to go along with Captain's idea; after he leaves, Mr. Cheese is shown to have been bitten by a zombie.

Player finds Stoner buried underground. Stoner reveals he was collecting herbs for his homemade skincare products, and Player suggests using his pharmacological knowledge to create a cure for the zombie virus. Stoner agrees, only to be immediately killed by a zombified Mr. Egg. Player flees and discovers Mother's dead body, with a zombified Franklin sitting atop her. As Franklin pounces on him, Captain Reports Mother's Body. After Player accuses Mr. Egg of being an Impostor, Captain points out that he, Player, Mr. Cheese, and Poopyfarts96 are all trapped in Admin with the zombies. Player, Captain, and Mr. Cheese flee the building, while Poopyfarts is devoured by the undead.

After Captain makes an unusually hostile comment towards Player, Mr. Cheese begins transforming into a zombie. Player demands an explanation from Captain, who reveals that he is both the second Impostor and the one who created the zombie virus, a computer virus designed to infect all the pets in Among Us that could be transferred via bite; he infected Toto so that the dog would spread it amongst the lobby so that Player would lose, having snapped after realizing Player did not reciprocate his friendship. Captain orders an almost fully transformed Mr. Cheese to murder Player, but Mr. Cheese refuses and tackles Captain, sending them both plunging into a pool of lava. Player reflects that Captain's attempt to make him lose resulted in him winning the game, and sadly thanks him. Suddenly, he is surrounded by the zombies; Player realizes too late he forgot about Mr. Egg as the zombies pounce on him and tear him to shreds, suddenly making him from a winner to a loser, again.



  • It is unknown if Captain was sent to the Cheater's Lobby.
  • If you look on the bottom right, there is an Easter egg where Captain is fixing the doors, it says "kill."
  • This is the second appearance of Mr. Cheese's dog, Toto.
  • This is the second time GameToons uses a more realistic art style, the first being Among Us Logic 4.
  • This episode does not have any ejections or winners. It also has only 5 second soft time during a meeting.
  • Captain mentions the events of Among Us Logic 9 and 12 toward Player while explaining why he created the zombie computer virus.
  • Although it is not specified, it is likely that Mr. Egg was the other impostor of the game.
  • After defeating Captain, Player called him Bestie.