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(The episode starts with Player, Mr Cheese and Captain running away from a zombified Toto)

Player2.png Keep running!

Normal Captain.webp Oh, the humanity!

Player2.png Open the door already, Captain!

Normal Captain.webp Gah, I can't! This is the hardest task in all of Among Us!

Player2.png Are you kidding me right now? That thing is still getting on us!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png No, Toto! That's a bad Toto!

Normal Captain.webp Egad, it's just so dang difficult!

Player2.png Argh, you can't do anything right! Move aside!

Player2.png There are only three crewmates left: Captain, Mr. Cheese, and myself. And we still don't know who the impostors are.

Normal Captain.webp Wow, Player! You must be some sort of master of unlocking!

Player2.png Yeah, at least one of us knows how to actually play this game. We're almost puppy chow because of you!

Normal Captain.webp Hey now, no need to point fingers here. But if we did want to point fingers, they should be pointed squarely at Mr. Cheese.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png What did I do?

Normal Captain.webp It was your mangy mutt that got us into this mess in the first place.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Toto just likes to give love nibbles!

Normal Captain.webp Maybe because your head's made of food you're used to it, Mr. Cheese. But I for one am not on the menu. Which reminds me, was anyone bit? You'd tell me if you were right there.

Player2.png We all saw what happened to the others, Captain. No one wants to live through that again.

(The screen shows us a flashback with different designs of characters)

Engineer2.png AAAAAAAAAH! Get it off, get it off!

Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png Engi? Babe, you okay?

Zombie Engineer.png I need to eat brains, babe!

Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png NOOOOOOOO!

Normal Captain.webp Oh, blasted zombies.

Player2.png Hold up, zombies? Come on, it must be a glitch in the game or something, right?

Normal Captain.webp That, or a cheat! Not that I'm accusing either of you two well-known cheaters or anything.

Player2.png That's in the past, Captain. Right now, I just want to focus on what to do next. I'm thinking we just call a meeting and-

Normal Captain.webp We can't do that, Player. That will bring everyone here! Including the munchie bunchies. Now, we still have a game to win. We should all spilt up for safety.

Player2.png No wait, Captain, we need to stick together! You're always stronger in a group.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yeah, Captain. The game is called Among "Us", not Among "I", alright buddy?

Player2.png Promise that you'll stay by our sides.

Normal Captain.webp I promise, Player. But wait, is that a zombie behind you?


Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png *gasp*

Player2.png Captain, I don't see any-

(Captain leaves there)

Player2.png Ugh. Well, I guess we're going with the splitting up plan. Good luck, Mr. Cheese.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yeah. You too, Player.

Player2.png Are there any spooky zombies in here?

Player2.png Legally, you have to tell me if I asked.

247F4719-7BEF-4D59-8E49-6E85A5A6641F.png Help! Help!

Player2.png Oh my god, that actually worked?

247F4719-7BEF-4D59-8E49-6E85A5A6641F.png Hey, get me outta here!

Player2.png Wait, Stoner?

247F4719-7BEF-4D59-8E49-6E85A5A6641F.png Oh, thanks compadre. I thought I was gonna be stuck in there forever.

Player2.png Wow! I didn't think anyone else was still alive! What are you even doing in here?

247F4719-7BEF-4D59-8E49-6E85A5A6641F.png Well, as you know, I'm not one for the corporate scam known as 'western medicine'. So I come here every now and then to collect some fresh herbs.

Player2.png Wait a minute, were you hoping to combine them together to make some sort of elixir that can counteract the zonbie infection?

247F4719-7BEF-4D59-8E49-6E85A5A6641F.png Uh, well...normally I just use them to make skincare products. You will not believe what these things can do for your complexion, bro. But like, yeah! I suppose we can make an antidote or whatever.

Player2.png Come on, let's head down to the lab. We might be able to win this game after all!

247F4719-7BEF-4D59-8E49-6E85A5A6641F.png Cool, cool. But is there like a mickey D's on the way there? I have a major case of the munchies.

(Zombie Mr. Egg kill Stoner)

Player2.png AAHHHHHHH!

(Player runs away from zombie Mr. Egg)

Player2.png Mother?

Player2.png Oh no, Franklin! Come on, little guy. We gotta get you outta here!

Player2.png No. Not you, Franklin.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png What happened, uh, Player?

Player2.png Guys, Mr. Egg killed Stoner right in front of me. I think he's responsible for all of this!

Zombie Mr. Egg.png He's a liar!

Normal Captain.webp Hmm. Mr. Egg seems to think you're a liar, Player. What do you think, PoopyFarts?

PoopyFarts2.png *farts*

Normal Captain.webp Oh god. Player's right, though. We're talking about life and death, people. After all, we're in a room full of zombies!

Player2.png Wait, what?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png R-r-run for it!

PoopyFarts2.png *farts*

Player2.png PoopyFarts, you will be remembered.

Normal Captain.webp Yes. He was a real legend. If you're lucky they might even say the same about you, Player.

Player2.png Huh?

Normal Captain.webp Mr. Cheese. Have something to share with the class?

Mr. Cheese Zombie.png M-m-mister... Ch-cheese...

Player2.png Captain, what's going on here? Answer me!

Normal Captain.webp It seems your friend here got himself infected by my little virus.

Player2.png Your virus?

Normal Captain.webp Yes. A computer virus that woild infect every pet in Among Us, including little Toto.

Player2.png But... but why?

Normal Captain.webp Isn't it obvious? I wanted to win, of course! But more than that, I wanted you to lose.

Player2.png But we're such good-

Normal Captain.webp Friends? Don't make me laugh, Player. You never cared about me, even after everything I've done for you. You love hanging out with Veteran. You love going off on little side adventures with Mr. Cheese. But Captain? Well. There's no time for picnics. No time for birthday parties. No time to remember his name.

Player2.png Captain, I-

Normal Captain.webp Save it. Mr. Cheese, take out the trash.

Normal Captain.webp Wait! What are you doing, Mr. Cheese? You're supposed to listen to me. I created you! I command you to stop!

Mr. Cheese Zombie.png MR. CHEESE!

Normal Captain.webp No!

Player2.png Captain!

Player2.png I did it. I finally won my first game of Among Us! And all it took was Captain actively trying to make me lose for it to happen. You really can't do anything right. Thanks, bestie.

Player2.png Ah! Oh! AAAAAAAAAH! I forgot about Mr. Egg!