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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 16 is the 16th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on Februrary 6, 2021.


The episode starts with TheGentleman walking through the decontamination room looking for Mr. Cheese. When the door opens, he sees Mr. Cheese lying on the ground with a knife in his chest. However, it turns out Mr. Cheese was faking, before revealing himself to be the impostor and kills TheGentleman to win the game.

Player then spawns into the lobby and tells everyone that he finally managed to convince his girlfriend to play Among Us, after not playing with her in 5 months. The two "met" in the Fall Guys Logic Series. Player and his girlfriend get into the lobby with Veteran, Mr. Cheese, TheGentleman, B-Day and Rose. Player's girlfriend has trouble deciding what skin to use, but eventually ends up using cyan with the party hat. Veteran says players girlfriend's name is Noob because she is new to Among Us and it is her first game.

When the game starts Noob learns that Player has not yet won a round of Among Us, and suggests her and Player to split up and do tasks. Player goes into communications where he finds Veteran downloading Solitaire. Veteran tells Player he doesn't know how to do a task, so Player helps him. Veteran leaves the room.

Player walks to the locker room. He finds Mr Cheese and TheGentleman chasing each other. Then the lights went out, the vent opened and Mr Cheese is killed. Player thinks it is TheGentleman at first, but then TheGentleman reminds Player about how in Among Us Logic 1, the same thing happened and it was NOT TheGentleman.

Player and TheGentleman report they find that Mr. Cheese, Bday and Rose are all dead. Player thinks it is Noob, who threatens Player that she would end their relationship if he voted her. Player doesn't care, and they all vote Noob and throw her off Mira HQ.

Because of that Noob and Player are not in a relationship anymore. They find out that she was not the impostor. Player is surprised, and Veteran quickly kills TheGentleman to win the game.



  • This is an episode when Player convinces his girlfriend to play Among Us.
  • At the end, the Impostor was Veteran and Noob isn't Player's girlfriend anymore.
  • B-Day and Rose return after a 15 episode absence.
  • TheGentleman has been framed for killing Mr. Cheese like episode 1.
  • In the video, the Gentleman called Noob a "she-devil".but using subtitles, it'l look like the Gentleman is saing "s#|t apple" instead of "she-devil".
  • This is second episode where Player is not killed or ejected. The first was in Among Us Logic 9.
  • Due to there usually being 2 impostors in a usual Among us Logic episode, Among Us players being able to play 7 people and 2 impostors, and not being able to change the number of impostors from the lobby, it is unknown how the lobby was changed to a 1 impostor game.
  • It is actually likely a local game that time around.
  • During the ejection of Noob, a version of Among Us Logic Movie 3's thumbnail can be seen in the background.


  • There was only one Impostor, so the text in the ejection screen should have had "the" in place of "an."
    • However, this is fixed on the Spanish dub of the episode.