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MrMeanCook: And stay out you mangey mutt! Next time I see you tryin' to steal food from my restaurant, I'll slice you up and serve you to the patrons.

Cheddar Standing.png (Crys and go's into box)

Player2.png Wait a minute, what does any of this have to do with who the killer is?

[The screen go's to the campfire where Mr. Cheese is telling a story]

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png I'm getting to that Player. Do you wanna hear the whole story or not?

Normal Captain.webp Yeah Player, the story was just starting to get good.

Player2.png Fine, please continue.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Ahem. So, anyway, eventually Cheddar was able to fall asleep in the alleyway. At the time, I was working as a sign-spinner. You know, trying to pay my way through Crewmate Collage. And I was barley able to make ends meet.

Normal Captain.webp And they forced you to wear that horrible clown coustume?

Clown Cheese.png No, that was just for me. I freaking love clowns and so does everyone else. Clowns are radical.

Player2.png Well, that's patently untrue.

Clown Cheese.png So there I was, out spinning my sign, doing all the tricks. Really just slaying in general. That's sort of my mantra you now. And then these punk kids came through and changed my life forever.

Children.png [Laughing and taking Mr. Cheese's sign]

[Mr. Cheese chases the kids to get his sign back]

Clown Cheese.png Hey! Get back here!

Children.png [Laughing and running with the sign]

Clown Cheese.png Somebody stop them! Please! Please! I need that sign back! Ow!

Children.png [Beats up Mr. Cheese]

Clown Cheese.png But, but why? Ow, ow, ouchie, ouch. Why, why me? What could you possible get from this experience? Ow.

Children.png [Running away]

Clown Cheese.png My name Mr. Cheese.

Cheddar Standing.png [Crying and walking over to Mr. Cheese]

Player2.png Oh my god, Mr. Cheese, get to the point!

More coming soon.