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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 2 is the 2nd Among Us Logic episode. It was released on September 26, 2020.


As a determined Player is doing the asteroid task, he finally thinks victory is his. However, his dream is shattered as right when he finishes it, Ninja, the impostor of that game, spikes Player with a spiked tongue, going upward and cracking Player's head, effectively killing him.

Player respawns in the lobby, annoyed that the game hadn't gone to plan. Right as Player gets in, he talks to the other impostor, Bro, who believes he won even though Ninja had done the work. He once again talks to TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese, who both seem to still have friendship problems. TheGentlemen states there are newcomers, and Player asks for him to introduce to him. Some characters Player had played with in the first episode remained like Captain and Stoner. However, some newcomers had arrived. They were Bro, Mother, Goober, and Poopyfarts96. Captain announces that the game is about to start.

In The Skeld, Player is given the Impostor role, along with Mr. Cheese. He decides to go and "do" some tasks, mainly swiping the card in Admin. He doesn't know what to do until The Gentlemen and Mr. Cheese come into the room. Player lies, saying the card is hard to swipe. Mr. Cheese says his name again, and as it looks like the Gentlemen was going to rip his head off. Mr. Cheese screamed and started stabbing The Gentlemen repeatedly, killing him. Unfortunately, Mr. Cheese did it in front of Ninja, having him and Player get caught.

Ninja reports the body, however, he can't talk because of his language difference compared to the others. Mr. Cheese saves Player's skin by asking how to vent like Ninja did, causing him to get voted out.

After that, It's not long before all chaos breaks loose, as Mr. Cheese kills Goober due to him becoming outraged at his crewmates, causing Mr. Cheese to get ejected, and causing an annoyed Player.

Player, meanwhile, tries to go and kill Mother. However, Mother, not knowing he is a impostor, makes things hard by talking about her children and even asking Player to hold him while she finishes a task. As Player is about to succumb under pressure, Stoner calls a emergency meeting, saying that Captain had been following him nearly the entire game. Captain's excuse is he had finished all of his tasks. However, as it is unbelievable, Captain gets voted out.

Player, deciding he's gotten too lucky, kills PoopyFarts96. However, Stoner comes in while Player has to wait for the kill countdown. So he diverts him, and kills him. He then hears footsteps. He heard the horrified Mother scream and report the body.

Player, Bro, and Mother sit at the table. Player and Bro vote for each other. As Mother is stuck, Player convinces her from the scene in Navigation earlier. However, when their about to win, Mr. Cheese lands on the window, asking if they had won as impostors. Mother and Bro look at Player, who immediately gets ejected afterwards.



  • This is currently the most viewed video on the GameToons channel, having over 47 million views.
  • There is a theory that the Mr Cheese who crashed into the window was actually Novisor in disguise trying to prevent Player from getting a win.


Stoner with no visor error

  • At the beginning of the episode, Player is wearing his hat, but when it shows his face, he isn't wearing anything.
  • After the end of the first game, Player is heard to appear and walk but the screen goes black for a few seconds
  • In one frame at timestamp 8:08, Stoner is seen without a visor. It is unknown whether this is an easter egg about what will happen in the Novisor episodes or just an animation error.