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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!

Among Us Logic 3 is the 3rd Among Us Logic episode. It was released on October 3, 2020.


The episode opens in media res with Veteran fleeing from Gnome. He runs and hides from her in the storage room. Player reassures him that he's safe, but then the camera pans to show that he is a ghost. Veteran yells in fright, which scares Player and causes him to yell, and Gnome starts screaming too. She then remembers that she is the Impostor and kills Veteran, making the crewmates lose the round.

Player respawns in the lobby. Veteran suggests they go back to Fall Guys. Player declines. The two are then approached by The Gentleman and Mr. Egg. The Gentleman explains that he cut ties with Mr. Cheese. Veteran tells the Gentleman that he has terrible fashion sense, and Player agrees. Mr. Egg is offended and says that they should treat the Gentleman with more respect, as he is an Among Us "legend." To prove it, Player challenges them to beat him and Veteran in the next round.

Assigned Crewmate for this round, Player spawns in MIRA HQ. Veteran approaches him and asks if he's an Impostor or Crewmate. After verifying that they both are Crewmates, they discuss what task to do. They go to Medbay, where they find the Gentleman and Mr. Egg standing over Stoner and Bro's corpses. Player decides to run in and report the bodies, with Veteran certain that the others will believe them.

Captain doesn't believe them. Player, the Gentleman, Veteran, and Mr. Egg argue over whether or not Gentleman is an impostor. Captain consults Engineer and PoopyFarts96 for their input. He then decides to skip the vote, with all except Player agreeing (Veteran agrees by accident because he got confused.)

Veteran and Player leave to do their next task, with Player keeping a lookout for the Impostors. The Gentleman vents in and kills Veteran. Player reports the body.

Once again, Captain doesn't believe Player. Engineer suggests they vote someone out. Captain agrees, and motions for the others to vote out "the geek" (Engineer.) The Gentleman, Mr. Egg, and PoopyFarts96 agree, and Engineer is ejected. With the reveal that he was not an Impostor, Captain admits that, "there may be something to [Player's] theory after all."

Player leaves to finish his tasks, encountering Ghost Veteran. Mr. Egg jumps out of a vent, and Veteran offers to hold him off while Player flees. Of course, since Veteran is a ghost, Mr. Egg runs right through him with no problem at all. Player reaches the emergency button and calls a meeting swiftly, whereupon he frantically tells the others that Mr. Egg tried to kill him. They argue over who should be voted out. Player steps up and gives an emotional speech about how important it is to believe him. The Gentleman pretends to be touched, then suggests that Player should be voted out. The episode ends with Player getting ejected; he says it's time he switched to another lobby.



  • This if the 1st absence of Mr. Cheese.
  • Veteran references Fall Guys Logic, the series before Among Us Logic.