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Among Us Logic 4 is the 4th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on October 10, 2020.


The episode starts with the lights sabotaged and Player running to find the light switch. Once Player finds it, he turns them on, but before he can flip the last switch, the lights start turning off. Player finds Greaser, who turns on the lights himself. Poopyfarts96 appears and kills Player, which scares Greaser. He gets on the floor and starts crying, much to Player's annoyance. When Poopyfarts96's kill cooldown is done, he quickly kills Greaser and the screen goes dark.

Player spawns back in the lobby and finds Greaser and Veteran together. Veteran thinks Greaser is cool, while Player complains about how Greaser is annoying.

Mr. Egg, TheGentleman, Captain and Pirate (Captain) are seen arguing. Gentleman is arguing for his color back because Pirate has black, however Gentleman is usually black. And Gentleman is now White, making Captain purple. Pirate also has the name Captain. This upsets all of them. Later they make a deal. Pirate is now Cyan. Gentleman is now Black. Captain is now White. However Captain is now named Leader which still upsets him.

When the round starts, Player and Veteran are impostors. Everyone scatters, leaving Player, Veteran and Greaser alone. Veteran starts rambling about how cool Greaser is. This leads Player to kill Greaser, much to Veteran's dismay. Veteran tries to stay with Greaser's body, but Player drags him away.

Player and Veteran find Leader alone in the engine room, trying to do a task but struggling. Player walks over, ready to kill Leader, when Leader turns around. He tells Player that he would rather be called Captain when TheGentleman and the Pirate Captain aren't around. Player reluctantly agrees, which ends up in Leader calling Player his "best friend" and singing a song about him. The song is abruptly ended with Player killing Leader.

Veteran walks over, covered in blood. Player asks why he's covered in blood, and Veteran shows the dead bodies of TheGentleman and Mr. Egg. Player asked how that happened, and Veteran explains that after he killed the two, Stoner and Captain caught him and threatened to vote him out, but Veteran gave Player "his props" and told Stoner and Captain that if anyone should be called a god tier impostor and be voted out, it should be Player.

The episode ends with Player being voted out, saying "You're gonna pay for this, Veteran. Oh, you're gonna pay."




  • After Player drags Veteran off, he is dragging him toward Upper Engine. However, a second later, it shows them walking past Electrical to Lower Engine, which is halfway across the map.
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