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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 5 is the 5th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on October 18, 2020.


The story started when Player joins the lobby. When TheGentleman and Mr Egg comes, Player starts to be hostile towards Mr Egg and he said that Mr Egg is an idiot. Captain announces that he was thinking of about adding a 3rd impostor. TheGentleman says that its lunacy, and Mr, Egg backs him up. Mother says that everyone should think of the children, and they didn’t know what it was like raising children in a 2 impostor world. Stoner didn't like the idea. Engineer said that there is a greater chance that the impostors would become victorious and Gnome agrees. But, Captain ignored everyone's complaints and decided to add a 3rd impostor. Soon after that, the game begins.

The game started. Player, Captain and Mother are impostors. Veteran asked Player that he needs to go with him to do tasks. But, Captain says that Player is his best friend now. Veteran cries and drops the BFF ring to the ground and Captain takes the ring. Mother comes and asks Player how many he kill. Player says zero, but, Mother kills one crewmate and Timmy do the most stabbing. Veteran found Cub's dead body on admin and reports the body. Captain acts that there is a murder. Engineer says that he will vote Stoner because he saw Stoner outside admin. Gnome agrees amd says that he have too many facts. Engineer says that the most fun fact is he like Gnome x infinity. They started dating. Stoner will vote himself because he needs to get out from the gross relationship. Finally, Stoner got ejected to the lava pit.

The 3 impostors meet to the specimen room. They are discussing which people that they killed. Captain will kill Veteran because he is Player's best friend and for revenge in before episode. Player will kill Mr Egg because he is the biggest brat. Veteran meets them in specimen room. Then, Captain and Mother kills Veteran and Franklin says his first word, Kill. And, they reported the body.

Captain acts again that there is another murder. Player says that it was Mother and if not, vote him next round. All crewmates agrees and vote Mother. TheGentleman says that Player tells the truth. Engineer and Gnome do their tasks together to another room. Captain says that Mother is another impostor and he was worried about that. Player says that he will kill Mr Egg. Player and Captain found TheGentleman and Mr Egg in 02. Then, Captain snaps TheGentleman's neck. Mr Egg was very worried. Player says that give his last words before he sliced him to multiple pieces. Mr Egg says that he don't do anything to him. Player reveals his identity that he is actually Mr Cheese.

The real Player goes to the lobby and says that Captain and others already starts the game without him.



  • Based on this episode, Mr. Cheese was very good at strategizing.
  • This episode features cub who haven't been in any episodes since
  • This episode is the return of Mr. Cheese
  • This is the first time Player doesn’t have a major role.


  • Mr. Cheese says that if Mother is not the impostor, the other crewmates could vote him out next time. However, there were 3 impostors and 4 crewmates left at the time. If Mother had been voted off and was, in fact, not an impostor, the game would've ended with the impostors victorious.