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This page contains spoilers for the Among Us Logic series. Read with caution!
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Among Us Logic 6 is the 6th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on October 31, 2020.


The story starts with Player using doctor skin and Veteran with his banana hat wanting to revive Poopyfarts. Then, Player asks Veteran to switch the lever for the machine on. The electric wires and machine charged up and revived Poopyfarts. But, he didn’t realize that Poopyfarts is an impostor, and he kills Player and he loses.

After the match ends, Player spawns into the lobby. Player also sees Veteran with his banana peel, TheGentleman with a single top hat, and Mr. Pumpkin with pumpkin hat. Mr. Pumpkin says his name, then TheGentleman shouts at him, but he says sorry to him and that he is uncomfortable when Mr. Pumpkin says his name. Then, they started flirting with each other. Player asks Veteran what was happening in this lobby. He says that TheGentleman and MrCheese were back together, but he forgot that he is Mr. Pumpkin now. TheGentleman says all crewmates in the lobby with their Halloween skins. But, he seems to flirt with Mother. Then, Mr. Pumpkin stops TheGentleman from flirting. The game started soon after that.

The game started with Captain in upper engine. Then, his paper boat falls into the vent and he says his friend, Bill, will kill him. Mr. Pumpkin takes the paper boat and says to take the boat. Captain says that the boat was made by his new friend, Bill, but his bestie is Player. Mr. Pumpkin uses his hand to give the boat to Captain but then, Captain gets killed by him.

In communications, Mother got a mysterious call from a stranger. Then, she called 911 (Bro). After she called Bro, then the stranger calls her again. But, when Mother calls Bro again and he says that the stranger is calling from the ship, a shadow guy with a top hat (TheGentleman) uses his knife and kills Mother.

Veteran goes to a room with a wooden door. He finds a writing machine and reads the line that is repeatedly written on the papers. The line reads: All work and no play makes Mr. Pumpkin a dull boy. Then, Mr. Pumpkin uses his axe to open the door and kills Veteran.

Player finds Captain's dead body in upper engine. In the meeting, Poopyfarts says something by fart and makes everyone laugh. Mr. Pumpkin fakes translating Poopyfarts and says that he killed Mother, Veteran and Captain. Player is skeptical of this, which makes him look sus. After everyone votes out Player, Player says that this is what happen if he plays Among Us rather than trick or treating.



  • This is the first time Stoner does not appear.
  • There were references to several horror movies.
    • The reference to "Frankenstein" is at the very start of the episode.
    • The reference to "It" is the scene where Captain gets killed.
    • The reference to "When a Stranger Calls" is the scene where Mother gets killed.
    • The reference to "The Shining" is the scene where Veteran gets killed.
  • This is the first episode to not introduce a new character.


  • In the beginning scene, if PoopyFarts96 was an impostor, then he would have been voted off, because Player and Veteran would logically know that Poopyfarts96 was an impostor.
    • However, as crewmate revival is not possible unless cheating is done, it is logical to assume they were using a mod where both impostors can be killed/die, and players can be revived.
  • During the meeting scene, Veteran and Mother do not have their Halloween costumes.