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Doctor Player.png This is it Veteran, we'll finally have the power to bring back people from the dead!

Halloween Veteran.png I know this helps the crewmates win and all, but at what cost?

Doctor Player.png Shut up Veteran, you don't know what it's like to lose game after game after game, I'll do anything to win. Pull the lever.

Halloween Veteran.png Yes, Dr. Playerstein.

[Veteran pulls the lever]

Doctor Player.png *evil laugh*

[PoopyFarts hand is moving]

Doctor Player.png Look Veteran! It's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive! You must have so many questions.

Halloween Veteran.png Yeah. Actually, now that you mention it, how is lightning in space? Why are we operating on Mr. PoopyFarts while he's still in the space suit? Also are we even sure he was a crewmate? Couldn't he have also been an impostor?

Doctor Player.png Don't be ridiculous, Veteran, PoopyFarts is definitely a crewmate-

Halloween Veteran.png See, I totally I called that.

[Defeat by Bro and PoopyFarts96]

[Player with devil horns entered the lobby]

Halloween Veteran.png Hey, Player. Check out my stume.

Devil.png Stume?

Halloween Veteran.png Uh, it's short for costume. Try to keep up, boomer.

Devil.png Veteran, you're not even wearing a costume.

Halloween Veteran.png Uh, do you not see the sick banana on my head, I mean this is pinnacle Halloween, am I right?

Devil.png Whatever you say, man. At least you're wearing something new. You didn't want to dress up at all, TheGentleman? Even I changed into these cool devil horns.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Nah. But I am dressed up my good sir. Today I am wearing only one top hat instead of two, as if I was some filthy street commodore. *laugh*

Devil.png Right...

Mr. Pumpkin.png My name Mr. Pumpkin!

Halloween The Gentleman.png SHUT UP MR.!, um, aham, I'm sorry Mr. Pumpkin, I didn't mean to yell at you. I just don't enjoy you constantly repeating what your name is all the time.

Mr. Pumpkin.png Thank you for vocalizing your frustrations! I both hear your concerns and I will actively try to work on them.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Thank you.

Mr. Pumpkin.png No problem. I love you.

Halloween The Gentleman.png *mumbling*

Mr. Pumpkin.png I said I love you. 💖

Halloween The Gentleman.png I love you too.

Mr. Pumpkin.png *hugs TheGentleman*

Halloween Veteran.png Awww.

Devil.png Okay can someone please tell me what's going on?

Halloween Veteran.png Oh yeah you missed the last game. TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese are work associates again.

Mr. Pumpkin.png Um, my name Mr. Pumpkin.

Halloween Veteran.png Oh sorry, TheGentleman and Mr. Pumpkin are work associates again.

Devil.png Oh well I guess that's nice.

Halloween The Gentleman.png You know what else is nice. All these new costumes everyone looks so dashing compared to their normal drab selves, it's quite the shindig.

Devil.png Why don't you give me the rundown?

Halloween The Gentleman.png Certainly. First we have Captain who is now rocking a paper boat on his head for some reason.

Billaptain.png My friend Bill made me this hat.

Halloween The Gentleman.png And next is PoopyFarts, foregoing his usual toiletries to adorn a giant fake knife.

Devil.png It's not a fake knife.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Interesting, the next on our list is Bro. He's even more into himself than usual.

OfficerBro.png You have the right to remain gorgeous, as you're handsome as balls mirror bro.

Halloween The Gentleman.png And of course that leaves us with Mother.

Halloween Mother.png Oh I’m not a Mother tonight, I dropped the kids off with their dad for Halloween this year and I’m ready to cut loose.

Halloween The Gentleman.png I like the sound of that.

Halloween Mother.png Careful, TheGentleman! I can cast a love spell on you. I am a witch after all. *giggles* Boo.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Oh my.

Mr. Pumpkin.png Um aham aham.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Um I mean I’m sorry Mother I currently find myself involved in a much more pumpkin-shaped agreement at this time.

Devil.png Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and start the game myself.

[Player as Crewmate there are 2 impostors among us]

Billaptain.png My hat!

[Paper boat hat goes in the vent]

Billaptain.png No! Bill's going to kill me.

Mr. Pumpkin.png Hi there, Captain, what a nice boat. Do you want it back?

Billaptain.png Yep, sure do.

Mr. Pumpkin.png You look like a nice boy, I bet you got lots of friends.

Billaptain.png Well, I definitely have two. Player is my bestie best, but I recently made a new friend named Bill and boy does he sure love boats. Billy the boatman is what I call him.

Mr. Pumpkin.png Well I could be friend Captain, here, take your boat back. Take it.

Billaptain.png Sure thing friendo.

Mr. Pumpkin.png *opens his mouth to kill Captain*

Billaptain.png GAHH!

[TheGentleman was spying on Mother]

[Phone ringing Unknown Caller]

Halloween Mother.png *pick up the phone* Hello.

Telephone.png Hello.

Halloween Mother.png Yes.

Telephone.png Who is this?

Halloween Mother.png Well, who are you trying to reach?

Telephone.png I don't know.

Halloween Mother.png Ah well I think you got the wrong number.

Telephone.png Do I. Tell me Mother, have you checked the children?

Halloween Mother.png Wait, what!

Telephone.png *hangs up*

Halloween Mother.png *hangs up and calls 911*

OfficerBro.png Hello, officer Bro here.

Halloween Mother.png Hey, Bro, I’m in communications right now and I just had a really scary call from a stranger.

OfficerBro.png Alright if he calls back I can trace where it's coming from.

Halloween Mother.png Okay *hang up*

[phone ringing Unknown Caller]

Halloween Mother.png *pick up the phone* Hello.

Telephone.png It's me.

Halloween Mother.png You know, you're really scaring me. Is that what you want?

Telephone.png No.

Halloween Mother.png Then what do you want?

Telephone.png I want to win as the impostor. *hangs up*

Halloween Mother.png *hangs up*

[Phone ringing 911]

Halloween Mother.png *picks up*

OfficerBro.png Mother, this is officer Bro, I traced the call, it's coming from inside the ship.

Halloween Mother.png *screaming*

[Wooden door is closed]

Halloween Veteran.png Since when did this room get a wooden door?

[Veteran reading the papers]

Halloween Veteran.png All work and no play makes Mr. Pumpkin a dull boy. *flipping more pages* Oh my god.

Mr. Pumpkin.png *breaking wooden door with a axe* Here's Mr. Pumpkin.

Halloween Veteran.png AAAAAAHHHH!

[Dead Body Reported]

Devil.png Okay, so I just found Captain's body, looked like he got dragged down into the vents.

Mr. Pumpkin.png Two for two, Player.

Devil.png Wait, what was that?

Mr. Pumpkin.png Um nothing, my name Mr. Pumpkin.

OfficerBro.png Yes, yes it is, but let's get serious people, there's still two impostors on the loose.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Yes indeed, and if we vote the wrong person out then the impostors win.

OfficerBro.png It's real conundrum I tells ya, what do you think about all this PoopyFarts?

PoopyFarts Knife.png *fart sound*

Devil.pngMr. Pumpkin.pngHalloween The Gentleman.pngOfficerBro.png *laughs*

Mr. Pumpkin.png Good one PoopyFarts.

OfficerBro.png But seriously does anyone understand this guy?

Devil.png Sorry, I don't speak farts either.

Mr. Pumpkin.png I speak fart.

Halloween The Gentleman.png You do?

Mr. Pumpkin.png Shhh.

Halloween The Gentleman.png Oh I mean, uh of course you speak fart.

PoopyFarts Knife.png *fart sound*

Mr. Pumpkin.png Yeah, yeah, okay yeah PoopyFarts said he did it.

Devil.png Wait really?

PoopyFarts Knife.png *fart sound*

Mr. Pumpkin.png He says he killed Captain, Mother, and Veteran. And that he’ll do it again if you let him survive this round of voting.

OfficerBro.png Wow, a full confession during my first shift on the job. I must be the best cop of all time.

PoopyFarts Knife.png *fart sound*

Devil.png Hey guys, are we just going to believe everything Mr. Pumpkin says blindly?

Halloween The Gentleman.png You know, not wanting to vote out a confessed impostor makes you rather sus, Mr. Player.

OfficerBro.png Yeah we should vote him out instead.

Devil.png Wait no!

Mr. Pumpkin.png Bye Player.

[Player got voted out]

Devil.png This is what I get for choosing Among Us over trick-or-treating.