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Among Us Logic Wiki

[The episode begins with “Where We Started.” The camera pans over some mountains before entering a house and focusing in Mr. Egg as he sings.]

Mr. Egg.png (singing)

I was looking out the door

Always looking round for more

Didn’t know it

Had everything I needed

Tried to give me all the clues

Hoping I will see the truth

Didn’t know it

Didn’t know ‘til we parted

Couldn’t see the signs

Until you had enough and said goodbye

Wish I could go back to where we started

Wish I could find a way to say

Sorry that I let you go

Sorry that I got so cold

Wish I could go back to what we were

I know I was stupid

I was but I folded

Know I was stupid…

[The audio becomes muffled, as if playing on a speaker; it is revealed that The Gentleman (in a smoking jacket and fez) is watching the song as a music video. Mr. Cheese walks in, wearing a nightgown and hair curlers.]

Static-assets-upload6176910946078502052.png What (yawns) are you watching, the Gentleman?

The Gentleman's Pajama.png (startled) Oh! Nothing!

[He slams the computer shut and gives Mr. Cheese a thumbs-up.]

The Gentleman's Pajama.png It’s nothing!

[Scene changes to Player spawning in the lobby. Veteran and Captain approach him.]

Player2.png (sad sigh)

Veterans.png Hey, what’s up, home slice?

Normal Captain.webp Yeah, hiya, bestie!

Veterans.png (to Captain) Dude, we talked about this. I’m his best friend. Not you.

Normal Captain.webp You said we all could be best friends together.

Veterans.png That was obviously just a lie to make you feel better.

Player2.png Guys, if you’re gonna argue, can you do it somewhere else? I’m feeling kinda down today.

Normal Captain.webp But I want to be around you at all times.

Veterans.png Wow, creep alert. Don’t worry, I’ll leave you alone, Player. A real best friend can tell when their buddy needs space.

Normal Captain.webp Oh, I’ll give him so much space he’ll basically feel completely abandoned!

Veterans.png See, now you’re going too far in the other direction.

Normal Captain.webp Dang it.

[Veteran and Captain exit stage right.]

Player2.png (sigh)

Pink egg.png Yeah...I know that feeling.

[Camera cuts to show Mr. Egg standing nearby, wearing pink instead of his usual orange.]

Player2.png Mr. Egg? Is that you? I barely recognized you in the pink.

Pink egg.png Well, me and Mr. Cheese couldn’t both be orange. So yeah, here I am. You feeling a little down there, buddy?

Player2.png Yeah...I’m just kinda bummed I never get to win.

Pink egg.png I hear you. Love is a tricky game. Sometimes it feels like you are always on the losing side.

Player2.png What? Love? I’m talking about Among Us.

Pink egg.png Yeah, but if you really think about it, at its core, isn’t Among Us all about love?

Player2.png Uh...Not really…

[The Gentleman and Mr. Cheese walk up.]

TheGentleman2.png Ah, good evening, Player! Good to see you with--

[He realizes it’s Mr. Egg and starts to stumble on his words.]

TheGentleman2.png Oh. Mr. Egg. I didn’t expect to see you around here anymore. You, uh...look good.

Pink egg.png (blushing) Thanks!

[Mr. Cheese scowls.]

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Wow! Really, The Gentleman?

TheGentleman2.png Uhh, I’re ugly. You disgusting pink person.

Pink egg.png (very hurt) Wow...Ouch…

Player2.png (aghast) Yeah. Oh my God

[The round begins. Player and Mr. Egg are Impostors. Player spawns in MIRA HQ. Everyone except Mr. Egg runs past him from stage right to left.]

Pink egg.png This is egg-celent! Now we can hang out the entire game!

Player2.png (sigh)

Pink egg.png Come on, let’s go kill Mr. Cheese!

[He draws a knife.]

Player2.png Wait, hold on. I get why you want to kill him, but we gotta be smart about this. Everybody knows about your weird little beef with Mr. Cheese. If he dies first, it might bring on a lot of unwanted suspicion. Yeah, we need easy prey. Someone gullible and stupid.

Pink egg.png But who could that be?

[Cut to the greenhouse, where Captain is watering flowers. As he sings, Player spins around the room and sneaks up on him.]

Normal Captain.webp Watering the plants, all day long! Watering the plants while I sing this song! Gotta do my tasks, ‘cause tasks are good. Gotta do my tasks like a crewmate should. Man, that’s another hit song right there.

[Player raises his knife to kill Captain, but before he can do that, Mr. Egg shoots Captain from offscreen.]

Normal Captain.webp Guh!

Pink egg.png Bulls-eye.

[He dramatically blows the smoke off his pistol.]

Player2.png Oh, come on!

[Faint footsteps are heard from the hallway.]

Pink egg.png (small gasp) Someone’s coming.

Player2.png Hide!

[Veteran enters the room.]

Veterans.png Hey Captain, just wanted to say watch out for Player. If he doesn’t hang out with me mid-game, it’s usually because he’s the Impost--

[Captain’s body falls over.]

Veterans.png Ope. Yep. He’s dead all right.

[Veteran reports the body, summoning an emergency meeting.]

Veterans.png Captain’s dead, everyone.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png No, not our fearless leader!

Engineer2.png Where did you find him, Veteran?

Veterans.png The greenhouse. Except now it’s more like the red house. You know, from all the blood and stuff.



Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png (disgusted reactions)

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yuck! Heh-heh!

Stoner2.png Well, like, it wasn’t me, dudes and dudetts. I was chillin’ in the lab, doing tasks.

Pink egg.png Alone? I don’t know, guys. That seems pretty...sus.

Player2.png It sure does, Mr. Egg. I’m casting my vote for Stoner.

Stoner2.png Dudes…

Veterans.png I don’t know, guys. I think it might be Player.

Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png Nah, it’s Stoner. Let’s send him flying!

Stoner2.png Dudette!

Player2.png All those in favor of throwing Stoner off the balcony to his inevitable doom, say “aye.”

Everyone except Stoner and Mr. Cheese: Aye!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Sounds good!

[Stoner is ejected. He falls through the air.]

Stoner2.png AAAAAAAAH!

[“Stoner was not an Impostor” appears onscreen. Cut back to the Cafeteria, where everyone has left except for Player, Mr. Egg, and Veteran.]

Veterans.png Well, well, well. What do we have here? A couple of Impostors scheming?

Pink egg.png (nervous) Uhh...No…

Player2.png I don’t know what you’re talking about, Veteran.

Veterans.png Yeah, sure you don’t. You may have all the others fooled, but not me. I finished twelfth in my class at DeVry online learning. I’m basically a Mensa-level genius. And I’m on to you, pal. I’m not leaving your sight. Every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you.

Player2.png Oh, I don’t think you will, Veteran.

Veterans.png Why’s that?

Player2.png Because there’s something your genius brain didn’t put together.

Veterans.png I find that hard to believe, but go on.

Player2.png Correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Egg, but don’t you have to be alive to spy on someone?

Pink egg.png You sure do, sir.

Veterans.png Yeah, but how does that relate to--(realizes it) Oh no. You’re gonna kill me. How did I not see this coming?

[Player pulls out a gun and points it at Veteran.]

Player2.png Any last words, Veteran?

Veterans.png (teary and sweaty) Yes! Tell my family that I--

[Mr. Egg slices him in half.]

Pink egg.png I got him, sir!

Player2.png Dang it, Mr. Egg! Stop stealing all my sweet kills!

Pink egg.png Sorry, sir. Won’t happen again.

TheGentleman2.png No. It most certainly will not.

Player2.png (fumbling) Uh, it isn’t what it looks like? (nervous laugh)

[The Gentleman reports the body.]

TheGentleman2.png I am saddened to report that our dear dear friend dead.

Engineer2.png NOOOOOO!

Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png (tearfully) He was like a brother to us!

Player2.png Wait, really? I didn’t know you guys were so close.

Engineer2.png We go frolfing together on the weekends.

Player2.png Frolfing?

Engineer2.png Short for frisbee golf.

Player2.png Oh my God, no-one calls it that.

TheGentleman2.png Can we please get back to the point, gentlemen? Veteran is dead, and I know who did it.

Pink egg.png It’s Mr. Cheese!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png How dare you say my name!

Pink egg.png Mr. Cheese and the Gentleman did the murders, and they’re trying to pin them on Player.

Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png Oh my God! Is that true, the Gentleman?

TheGentleman2.png No! Of course not.

Engineer2.png Gee whiz, babe. I don’t know who to believe.

Player2.png I think Mr. Egg is right. Let’s vote out the Gentleman.

Engineer2.png See, now I think it’s Player.

Player2.png What?! Why?

Engineer2.png I don’t know, you just seem kinda...I don’t know--

Static-assets-upload8053473337925847275.png Sus.

Engineer2.png Yeah, sus. That’s the word. I was totally on board when Mr. Egg said it, but with you, it just seems way fishier.

Pink egg.png (sarcastic) Way to go, Player.

Player2.png Wow, you too, Mr. Egg? You guys all suck.

[Player is ejected. He falls through the sky.]

Player2.png Thanks for watching the videoooooooo!

[Credits roll.]