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Among Us Logic 9 is the 9th Among Us Logic episode. It was released on November 21, 2020.


The episode starts with Veteran strapped to a chair, with Mr. Cheese and Player interrogating him, as well as informing him that there are only 3 players alive, and that they are on to him. After asking him what his favorite color is, Mr. Cheese and Player have a discussion. After agreeing on who is good and bad cops, they resume their interrogation with Veteran. After having another discussion, they ask what happened, but not before Veteran informs them that he can hear everything Mr. Cheese and Player are saying.

The game starts with Veteran walking into electrical, where Mr. Cheese and TheGentleman are. Veteran does his Calibrate Distributor task, only to see Mr. Cheese sobbing over TheGentleman's dead body, which is then reported. Veteran informs everyone that TheGentleman has died. Player then asks Veteran what he saw, only to reply that he didn't see anything. Captain then asks who was there with him, only to reply that Mr. Cheese was there with him.

Mr. Cheese blamed Mother and voted her out.

After Mother got ejected, they interrogate Player next. Player says that he saw Captain submit scan in Medbay. Captain says that he will borrow the scanner to Player. Then, Captain tell him about a Saturday picnic or bingo. After Captain tells about it, there are Goober and Poopyfarts96 dead bodies, then they reported them.

Player says that the impostor can be Captain. Then, they vote Captain because he acting so sus and he kill Goober and Poopyfarts when Player do submit scan. Before Captain got ejected, he says that he already sent the birthday party invitations but his pet snake, Charlie bites the mails. Mr Cheese says that he, Player and Veteran already get the invitation. After that, Captain got ejected from the meeting. Player, Mr Cheese and Veteran are so sad that they don't go to Captain's birthday party.

In the end of the investigation, Player and Veteran suggest that they will do rock paper scissors and whoever loses will get ejected. Then, Player won the rock paper scissors because he use rock and Veteran use scissors. But, Mr. Cheese was proud of Player and kills Veteran. Player finally lost the game.



  • This is the first time where Player stayed alive for the whole match but still did not win the game.
  • This is the second time Mr. Cheese blamed and voted out Mother when they were both impostors. The first was Among Us Logic 5 (He was dressed as Player at the time).