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Among Us Logic Wiki

(Player turns on a light and stares at Veteran, Mr. Cheese next to him.)

Player2.png Alright Bub, we’re the last 3 players remaining, and we’re onto you. You better start talking.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png You’re gonna seem like a little canary. Tweet-Tweet. Haha.

Veterans.png Listen, you’ve got the wrong guy! Where am I? What’s going o-

(Player Slaps Veteran.)

Player2.png I’ll be asking all the questions around here, pal. Alright, first question-

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png What’s your favorite color?

Veterans.png Uh, Yellow?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Wrong Answer, Pal. (Slaps Veteran)

Veterans.png Ow, dude!

Player2.png Hey, Mr. Cheese, uh, quick sidebar?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh, hey, sure thing.

[Player and Mr. Cheese turn around]

Player2.png Okay, first off Mr. Cheese, you’re doing great,

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yea, thanks. I definitely thought so.

Player2.png Just got a couple notes for you is all.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Uh-huh?

Player2.png Okay, first, your questions need to be about the murders, ‘cause we’re trying to figure out who the killer is?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Oh yeah! Right right right! (Laughs) Good note, good note.

Player2.png And second, before we went into this, we kind of agreed that you would be the good cop, and I would be the bad cop.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yea, but I wanna be the bad cop. I’m sort of a loose cannon that plays by his own rules.

Player2.png Okay, fine. I was really looking forward to it, but I will switch and be the good cop, and you can be the bad cop.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Great Idea Player!

Player2.png Sorry about that Veteran, it’s been a stressful game for everyone, I think. We just want to ask you a couple questions in order to get to the bottom of this. Can I get you anything? A water, coffee perhaps?

Veterans.png Uh, no thanks.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png How about I bring you a nice warm glass of Goat’s milk? MMM. Delicious.

Veterans.png Ew? Why would you warm up Goat’s Milk?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Well, I didn’t intentionally. It’s been sitting in my car all day.

Player2.png We’re gonna need another sidebar.

(The two turn around again.)

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png What’s up, Partner?

Player2.png Mr. Cheese, the whole “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine only works when there’s one good cop and one bad cop.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Right, makes sense.

Player2.png So which one do you wanna be?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png I wanna be the Silly Cop.

Player2.png What?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yea, I wanna be the really ??????>????. I can solve crime scenes after.

Player2.png No! There is no silly cop!

Veterans.png You guys know I can hear everything you’re saying, right?

Player2.png Alright, just tell us what the heck happened back there, or else you’re gonna get voted off.


Veterans.png Okay, no problem. The game started out just like any other, until I got into Electrical.

(Veteran runs into Electrical where TheGentleman is doing a task, with Mr. Cheese on his tail.)

TheGentleman2.png Good Evening, my dear sir!

Veterans.png Wassup, 'Gentledude'

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png My Name Mr. Cheese!

TheGentleman2.png Ugh. Why are you like this?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png TheGentleman, I didn’t mean to-

TheGentleman2.png Don’t!

(Veteran starts sweating)

Veterans.png Okay, why don’t I just do my task in here and then I’ll give you guys some space.

(Veteran completes the Calibrate Distributor task)

Veterans.png Okay, that was easy en-OH MY GOD!

(Mr. Cheese was holding TheGentleman as he was dying, sliced in half)

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png R. I. P. in Piece, sweet prince. (Closes TheGentleman’s eyes and Starts crying)

(Dead Body Reported)

Veterans.png TheGentleman is dead everyone!

Everyone: (GASP)

PoopyFarts.png (fart sound)

Veterans.png I know, right? It’s crazy!

Player2.png Well, what did you see?

Veterans.png Honestly, Nothing. I was just doing my task. It was the Calibration one, did it first try, let’s not make a big deal out of it.

Normal Captain.webp Who else was in there with you, Veteran?

Veterans.png Just Mr. Cheese.

Goober1.png Lets! Kill! Him!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Wait everyone, it wasn’t me, it was Mother!

Mother2.png Me? I would never!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png She vented, killed TheGentleman, and vented again while Veteran was distracted! She was trying to frame me!

Mother2.png OH, that’s ridiculous! (Laughs)

Normal Captain.webp Is it Mother? I’ll tell you what’s ridiculous, imagining this little guy is an Impostor. I mean just look at him!

(Mr. Cheese Smiles)

Player2.png I’m still not so sure guys, he could be telling the truth, but he’s also the most likely suspect. Maybe we should vote him off just to be safe.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Guys, if Mother is not Impostor, then My Name, (Record Scratches SFX) NOT MR. CHEESE.

Everyone: (GASP)

PoopyFarts.png (fart sound)

Veterans.png Oh! But your name Mr. Cheese!

Normal Captain.webp Everyone vote out Mother!

Goober1.png KILL HER!!!

(Player votes

Veteran votes

Mr. Cheese votes

Captain votes

Goober votes

PoopyFarts96 votes

They eject Mother.

Mother was An Impostor.)

Player2.png Nice work everyone, only one Impostor left to go!

PoopyFarts.png (fart sound)

Player2.png Alright Veteran, cut the crap. I know all this stuff already. You’re the second impostor, aren’t you?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png You’ll be seriously messed up if you were. ADMIT IT!

Veterans.png What, No! I’m not! I swear!

Player2.png It has to be you! Because we know it’s not Mr. Cheese, and we know it’s not me.

Veterans.png Wait a sec, DO we know it’s not you?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yeah…

Player2.png Okay, before you do whatever you’re thinking, just…

[Mr. Cheese releases Veteran, puts Player in the chair with duct tape on his mouth]


Veterans.png I can’t understand him. Can you understand him?

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png That’s a big nope-sicle for me, Veteran.

[Veteran rips the Duct Tape off Player’s mouth]

Player2.png Ow! Why would you put the Duct tape on if you were just gonna rip it off right away?

Veterans.png I don’t know, it looks cool in the movies.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Yeah, let’s duct tape him again, heheheeyeehe

Player2.png Wait wait wait, wait, just here my side of the story first, okay? After the meeting, I went to MedBay.

(Player runs to MedBay, Captain is in the middle of a scan.)

Normal Captain.webp Oh, hey Player! Are you wanting to use the scanner too?

Player2.png Yep, it’s my last task.

Normal Captain.webp Don’t worry, I’m almost done!

(Captain finishes his scan, Player steps on.)

Normal Captain.webp Here! It’s all yours.

Player2.png Thanks.

Normal Captain.webp While I gotcha here Player, I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t show up to our daily best friend picnic. I waited for hours.

Player2.png We don’t have daily Best Friend Picnics Captain.

Normal Captain.webp I know, ‘cause you never come to them. That’s what I’m saying! You know, sometimes I get the feeling that I like being your friend (Voice Echoes) a lot more than you like being mine, which is obviously ridiculous, you’re pretty much obsessed with me! But when you don’t come to our daily picnics (Voice back to normal) or Saturday bingo or my Birthday Party, I can’t help but get the feeling that you don’t like me very much.

(Player finishes Scan Looks behind Captain, and lies the bodies of PoopyFarts96 and Goober.)

Player2.png Captain? What did you do?

Normal Captain.webp Oh. Well now these make me look very suspicious.

(Dead Body Reported)

Player2.png Everybody vote out Captain! He’s guilty!

Normal Captain.webp No, Please!

Veterans.png What makes you think it was him?

Player2.png I saw him kill PoopyFarts and Goober!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Wait so you actually witnessed him committing these vicious acts of violence?

Player2.png No, not technically. I was in the middle of the scanner when it must have happened. But he was the only other person in there. It was definitely him!

Normal Captain.webp Wow Player. You know, it hurts when your best friends don’t show up to support you. This is like my Birthday party all over again.

Player2.png All those in favor of voting out Captain say aye


Veterans.png Aye!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png My Name Mr. Cheese!

Normal Captain.webp Wait, before you kick me out, (Record Scratches SFX) You all did get my birthday invitations, right? I mean my mailman has held a grudge against me since my pet’s named Charlie bit him, so maybe they got lost in the mail, or-

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Ha, we all got the invitations Captain, trust me.

Normal Captain.webp (Sadly) Oh, I see…

(Captain was ejected.

Captain was not An Impostor.)

Player2.png We really should’ve gone to his birthday party.

Veterans.png It was at a CC’s pizza Player, Gross!

Back to Present:

Player2.png And that brings us to the Present.

Veterans.png Well that story didn’t help at all.

Player2.png It doesn’t help because I’m not the Impostor!

Veterans.png Well neither am I.

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Guys, Guys, Guys, we’re running out of time, and I have no idea which one of you should live. Do Rock Paper Scissors.

Player2.png Fine.

Veterans.png Yea, that seems fair enough.

(They hold their hands into formation)


Player2.png Alright, you Ready?

Veterans.png Ready.


Veterans.png Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

(Player chooses Rock, Veteran chooses scissors.)

Player2.png Yes! I won!

Veterans.png NOOOOOO!

Mr. Cheese-AUL-14.png Congratulations Player, looks like you’ll live; and get to watch Veteran DIE!!!

[Mr. Cheese shoots Veteran in the glass helmet. Player watches Veteran fall to the floor]

Player2.png Dang It.