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TheGentleman sends his regards.

— Angel to Player after killing Rose and B-Day, Among Us Logic 1


Angel is a side character in the Among Us Logic Series and she made her first appearance in Among Us Logic 1, where she became the Impostor and killed Rose and BDay in front of Player, and told him it was her and TheGentleman, while it was her and Stoner. She got voted out shortly after. Her line was "TheGentleman sends his regards..."

She appears again in Among Us Logic 14 and gets impostor with Player. She kills Mr. Cheese, but gets squished by Ms. Pink. She's not seen again after this.

Honestly, Angel is anything but an angel. She lies, is manipulative, and even resorts to cheating (which lead her to the cheaters' lobby - this is why she was absent in the series for so long).



He and Angel were Impostors in Episode 1, they also have each other's Discords and seem to be good friends, as seen by her encouraging Stoner to check out GameToons, and by Stoner sending her a meme of Player.


Him and Angel were working together in AUL 14.



They are partners in crime-fighting, but Sheriff accused her of being an impostor in Episode 1. Even though he was correct, he still got voted out because BDay and Rose said Angel was innocent.


B-Day and Rose

She killed them both in-front of Player as the Impostor in Episode 1, despite them defending her in the last meeting.

Ms. Pink

Ms. Pink killed her in Episode 14 by stepping on her, though Ms. Pink was a crewmate.


Song Appearances


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 1 Stoner accuses Angel to make himself seem less suspicious, backing up Sheriff's accusation to her a round ago.


Character Episode Place of death
B-Day and Rose Among Us Logic 1 MIRA HQ, Greenhouse
Mr. Cheese Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby The Skeld, Cafeteria


  1. Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby; Stepped on by Ms. Pink.


  • Despite being known as the best known role-model for the crewmates, she is a vicious killer when she is chosen to be the Impostor.
  • She has also never been a crewmate in the 2 episodes she was shown in.
  • The fact that she is a "role-model for crewmates" is ironic because she was confirmed to be cheating in Episode 1 when she killed Rose and Bday at the same time.
  • In Episode 1, her chat history with Stoner on Discord shows her encouraging him to watch GameToons's YouTube Videos.
  • In Episode 11, Player and Captain thought that Angel had returned to the Game for Christmas, but then they found out that it was simply just Veteran wearing a halo hat.
  • In Episode 14; it was revealed that prior to Episode 2, she was sent to the Cheater's Lobby for violating the kill cool down (via killing Rose and BDay at the same time in Episode 1), and has been there ever since.
  • In Episode 14, she and Player are chosen as Impostors.

    non animated Angel

  • She finally returns in Episode 14 after a 13-episode absence, beating Ninja's record (ten episodes) for the longest time elapsed between appearances, but she later gets passed by B-Day and Rose with 15 episodes absence.
  • In Episode 14, she has a slightly different voice.
  • In Episode 14, when she was a tiny impostor, she killed Mr. Cheese by using grapplers and two swords, which seems to be a reference to Attack On Titan.
  • In Running In Circles, Angel is seen flying upwards with a partly cloud-filled sky in the background.
  • She reappears in The Death of Mr Cheese while playing the harp.


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