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B-Day is a side character appearing in the Among Us Logic series. He is Rose's boyfriend, and appears in Among Us Logic 1, Among Us Logic 16, 23, and 26 as minor characters. Angel killed both Rose and BDay in Among Us Logic 1.



BDay is Rose’s boyfriend, so they have a relationship with each other.


They were fixing lights together in Episode 16.



Stoner forced Angel to kill BDay and Rose.


He and Rose did not believe Sheriff, even though he guessed correctly.

Mr. Cheese

He killed BDay in The Life of Mr. Cheese.


He killed him and Rose in Among Us Logic 16.

Angel (Possibly)

She killed BDay and Rose in Episode 1 .


He killed him in Episode 23.


Song Appearances


Character Episode Place of death
Mr. Cheese Among Us Logic: The God Imposter The Airship, Kitchen


  1. Among Us Logic 1; Sliced into half by Angel, along with Rose.
  2. Among Us Logic 16; Killed by Veteran (cause of death unknown).
  3. Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival; Shot with a laser by TheGentleman.
  4. Among Us Logic: The God Imposter; Turned into solid gold by Player, along with Rose.
  5. Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate; Died from an explosion inside a weaponized spaceship.
  6. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Shot with a pistol by Player.


  • In Among Us Logic 2, BDay gets replaced by Bro, as the blue crewmate.
  • Mr Cheese killed him in The Life of Mr. Cheese.
  • All times he died, his girlfriend Rose also died.
  • In Among Us Logic 1, his name in meeting was BDay, but in Among Us Logic 16, his name was B-Day.
  • Although, in Episode 23, he got killed, the crewmates won, leading to his first victory.
  • It is seen he is very good at Pool.
  • BDay's birthday seems to be April 3rd, as Rose says "it was his birthday today" after BDay died in Airship Arrival, which was uploaded on April 3rd.
  • In Among Us Logic 1, he and Rose were described as "The resident couple".
  • Bday has slightly more screen time than Rose, being in Die Tonight.
  • BDay was spotted in a Sky Car with Rose heading to Cheese Louise in Among Us Logics 26: Fat Impostor. They are supposed to use a Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard though this car is unused. They use a Lexus LX570.

    non animated BDay

  • BDay Appears To Be Strikingly Good At Music in GameToons Gaming Where he Sings " My Heart Will Go On"
  • Rose doesn’t play with B-Day in Gametoons Gaming for a unknown reason.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, BDay’s codename is Blue 6.


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