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Baggy is a minor character that was first shown in Among Us Logic: The Curse of NoVisor. He is very wishy washy and nervous.


Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor

He and his crush, Blondie, are driving in his car to the Drive-In Movie Theater to watch The Curse of NoVisor. Baggy is very anxious, because he is planning to tell Blondie how he feels about her. In fact, he’s so nervous that he gets startled by Duncan, who is working at the ticket booth. Duncan gives him a fright when he exclaims: “Greetings!” to the both of them. Baggy screams, and hides under his bag hat. Blondie is not impressed. Seeing this, he tries to act tough when Duncan apologizes for startling him. He tells Duncan that he didn’t startle him, and that he’s not afraid of anything. Duncan remarks that if that’s true, then he’ll love the movie. He tells the duo that it’ll scare them half to death. Baggy doesn’t like being scared, so he asks Blondie if she wants to watch a different movie, like a rom-com. But she protests, saying that she wants to watch the movie. Duncan says that it’s ok if they don’t want to, as some people aren’t cool enough to watch it. Baggy, taking the bait, asks for two tickets. Duncan hands over the tickets, and tells them to enjoy the film. Then he laughs evilly, to which Baggy and Blondie give each other weird looks.

Once at the screen, the movie starts. Unfortunately, it was made before there was even color film, so they find themselves watching a cheesy movie with horrible effects. Baggy wonders why Duncan talked it up so much. Then, the movie flickers off. The two were confused, and Baggy asks what’s going on. Then, he sees Novisor. He is so scared, he starts hyperventilating into his bag, and once Blondie notices, they both scream as Novisor kills them.

Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate

In this episode, which is a giant reference to Star Wars, Baggy is working under TheGentleman. This is the first time Baggy is seen with any main characters. TheGentleman, an impostor, has hired Baggy, Gnome, and Hunter to hunt down and kill the last crewmate, Player. Baggy nervously states that he doesn’t work for free, implying that the group wanted to be paid for there services. TheGentleman assures them that they will be paid, and they are sent on their way.

They arrive at Player’s airship. But while Hunter and Gnome are more interested in killing Player, Baggy is more interested in having lunch. He takes out his sandwich and sits down on a box to eat. The box just so happens to be the one Player is hiding in. Player jumps out of the box, and Baggy falls on to the ground, stunned. This is the last time we see Baggy.



He has a huge crush on her. Unfortunately, she only thinks of him as a friend so far.


TheGentleman is Baggy's boss in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate.

Gnome and Hunter

They worked for the Empire in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate.



NoVisor killed him and Blondie at the drive-in movie theatre.


Duncan lured them into the movie theatre so NoVisor could kill them and dragged his body along with other crewmates.


  1. Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor; Had the visor stripped off by Novisor, along with Blondie.
  2. Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate; Knocked out by Player.


  • He first appeared in GameToons Gaming, where his colour was originally yellow, then was changed to a unique colour that is not normally in the game itself, looking like a darker orange. Sooner, he had the colour of a regular orange crewmate.
  • In one of the latest GameToons Gaming video, he used detective hat instead of his normal bag hat.
  • His hat can change as shown as his feelings.
  • Baggy is the 6th character with a mouth.


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