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All hail the Mothership!


Balthazar is Happy's pet brainslug who made his debut in Among Us Logic: Monster School. Happy made him the "teacher's pet", but in the end, it became known that it was Balthazar's way of deceiving him so that the UFO will come, resulting in Happy being offered as a sacrifice. However, Balthazar was so attached to his owner, he concluded to Player being offered instead.

Voice Actor

  • Max Root


Hypnosis: When under his power, anyone in his line of sight will be in a trance-like state until he stops whenever he wants to. He controls the mind of everyone he sees, and he can force them to say everything he wants to say. When in hypnosis, a crewmate's visor will have a black-and-white swirling pattern.




As Balthazar's owner, Happy loves him much even when Mr. Cheese complains to him about having Balthazar as his pet. Balthazar was careful with his powers, trying not to hurt Happy. Balthazar comes to return his host's affection, choosing to keep Happy alive despite initially planning to sacrifice him to the Mothership and offering Player instead.



Player, TheGentleman, Stoner and PoopyFarts96 accused his owner Happy of being the Impostor; and when the four were about to vote Happy out, Balthazar decided to control their minds to stop them from doing so.


  • He, along with Qwerty and Cheddar, are the only pet characters who stopped Player from winning in some way.
    • He and Qwerty are also the only pets that can speak English.
  • He, with Wizard, are the only characters to have one supernatural power.
  • His name is a reference to the character from The Smurfs 1981 Hanna-Barbera TV series.


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