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This was and should be pretty clear on this wiki, we don't want or need hate. First of all, stop the hate (especially on FNFL). Most of the people in this wiki don't like FNFL, but enough is enough. We get people have opinions but don't take them too far; respect others. Try to make this wiki more positive and simply move past FNF (wasting time by ranting on it at least).

We also want to make it clear that insulting is never okay. It doesn't matter who you are doing it to or even talk about them. Don't be a violator to combat violators. Don't feed the trolls or give them attention (that's what they want). And don't think yours actions outside this wiki won't affect you inside this wiki.

We want a safe and fun place; it's wiser to move past the past. You are responsible for your actions. Furthermore, being engaged and condoning anything like communities, wikis, or actions built on hate (such as AUL Adventures itself or vandalizing the Paw Patrol Wiki) will not be tolerated.

Make sure to read our Wiki Policies carefully, especially if you haven't. Have a great day!



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What do you want ?

Mrs Pink is with SirClogsworth ? Among Us Logic: Love Story

EdArcade EdArcade 16 days ago


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Miau27 Miau27 22 December 2021

Our travel

I can't believe this all happened lol, we first were here when gametoons made aul episodes and we could edit a lot, then gametoons stopped it, and we moved (some people, not everyone sadly) to the TAAU wiki, we were there happy, and then it got closed because FANDOM isn't for just chatting, then we went to the FF wiki, and then it closed, then our last chance were here, we talked bout this in the Edwin's Arcade wiki (created by ed obviously) and yeah i think we aare coming back.

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FallSonicBot FallSonicBot 13 November 2021

Among Us Hats

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FallSonicBot FallSonicBot 10 November 2021

Among Us Colors

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 7 November 2021

Wiki News 19

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 The state of the wiki
  • 3 Striking harder on underage users
  • 4 End

Hey everyone! Welcome to wiki news 19!

If you have been here for the past couple months, you would know that the wiki is not in the best state. GameToons has been pumping out lots and LOTS of FNFL content on nearly every single one of there channels, many well known admins such as not lime, and hiandrew have left the wiki, and this place is overral almost dead. So to try and combat this, I have opened an admin application form so the wiki can get new admins to manage it while many of the older ones leave (Click here if your interested in applying) And the wiki will be getting newer and more strict rules so we dont have any more tumb guy or starla situations, which leads me t…

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 30 October 2021

Discord server News 2

Hey everyone! Welcome to discord server news, where we give you news about the server!

Battle banana is coming to the server! I am going to set it up tomorrow and add some more fun stuff to the server.

(Also whoever guesses the game I am referencing gets a cookie :)

Bye guys! See you at discord news 3

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Ewefwein Ewefwein 26 October 2021

Player with Veteran's Crown

I just made this because I felt like it.

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Ewefwein Ewefwein 26 October 2021

Among Us Logic Fan Fiction:Among Us Logic Squid Games

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 BTW don't judge the Thumbnail I did what I could ok.

Player returns to Among Us Logic only to find out it's been turned into a cruel fight for survival due to some Squid Game workers given orders from their boss and now Player must team up with his estranged friends to make it out alive.

The episode begins with Player returning to Among Us only to find that he spawned with a green tracksuit and the number 11 on his suit.He finds Veteran and Captain bowing to a Squid Game henchman and then standing back up as Player questions what happened.Veteran and Captain only respond angrily when they mention Player being gone for too long and that he would know if he wasn't off playing Friday Night Funkin' a lot.Player then says…

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 23 October 2021

Discord server News 1

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Why is DSN an entirely separate series of blog posts from WN?
  • 3 Regarding role playing accounts of rule breakers
  • 4 End

Hey everyone! And welcome to the very first Discord server news blog post! These types of blog posts are basically like wiki news, but for the discord server. This first blog post is gonna have less announcements and more of just answering possible questions, as well as addressing some of the stuff that has been going on in the server lately.

That's mainly because I like things organized, plus it's called "Wiki News", so having stuff for the discord server would just feel awkward imo

If you've been in the server lately, you would have probably seen some people role playing as real people. Most commonly: Rule breakers. I'm …

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The Amogus 2021 The Amogus 2021 12 October 2021

What are your top 3 worst favorite characters and why

Comment down below

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 10 October 2021

Wiki News 18

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 The Wiki
    • 2.1 ITS SPOOKY MONTH!!!!!!!
    • 2.2 DrVoidMatter has been globally blocked (Again....)
  • 3 The discord server
    • 3.1 The discord server link is now out!
  • 4 End

Hey everyone! Welcome to Wiki News! Where I give you news for both the wiki and the discord server!

Here is the latest news:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Yes, for the millionth time, an admin has been blocked. We don't know what reason he got banned, but many speculated that it was the work of a certain user that needs no introduction at this point. Don't worry he's not blocked on discord. (Speaking of discord)

Yup, the discord server is now here!

Srry that I didn't release it to the public earlier, I just kept on procrastinating and I apologize for that.

Click here if your interested in joining …

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The Amogus 2021 The Amogus 2021 2 October 2021

5 reasons why I hate Ms. Pink

  1. She is a cheater
  2. Her look
  3. She kills Impostors (quite unfair)
  4. Her ship with Player is weird
  5. She is really big

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 28 September 2021

Q&A post

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Q&A post! You can ask me and the other admins questions! Put ur questions in the comments and I we'll answer them here!

NOTE: No personal information pls

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 24 September 2021

Wiki News 17

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Latest news
    • 2.1 Upcoming Q&A post
    • 2.2 The Wiki's server is now complete and is currently in testing!
    • 2.3 Wiki Timeline!
  • 3 End

Hey everyone, welcome to Wiki News! Since I'm terrible with intros, let's get right in to the news we have today:

On September 28 there will be a Q&A post, where you can ask questions about the admins in this Wiki!

Note: Do not ask for personal information please.

The AUL wiki server is now completed, but I am getting all the admins in it first before the link gets revealed to the public.

The wiki has a Timeline page in progress! It will be detailing the full history of the wiki. You can learn about the wiki's history and events that you never heard of before!

Bye everyone! See you in Wiki News 18!!

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Not Lime Animator Not Lime Animator 24 September 2021

List of epic things I've done

1. Added more than 250 pics (character galleries)

2. Encouraged some dudes to stick in Aul wiki when it was gonna die.

3. Exposed Starla.

4. Got rid of Thresher before he managed to kill AULF wiki.

5. Found some MediaWiki:ImportJS codes like (AccountAge)

1. Finding out why is Tumb Guy obsessed with AUL Wiki and insulted me on discord.

2. Finding out how to make Thresher ip banned permanently from fandom.

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Not Lime Animator Not Lime Animator 22 September 2021

101 Gametoons Jokes

  • 1 Chapter 1: AUL
    • 1.1 Q&A
    • 1.2 Knock Knock
    • 1.3 Rp
  • 2 Chapter 2: FNFL
    • 2.1 Q&A
    • 2.2 Knock Knock
    • 2.3 Rp
  • 3 Chapter 3: MCL
    • 3.1 Q&A
  • 4 SIOL
  • 5 FNFAL
  • 6 PPL
  • 7 FGL
  • 8 UL
  • 9 RL
  • 10 HSL

Q. How do I always lose?!

A. I don't know, how do you always lose?

Q. Do you think Gnome is a color?

A. Yes even cabinet doors are a color :)

Q. What type of cheese is overrated?

A. a "Mr. Cheese"

Q. Name some dangerous things in life.

A. Cars, lava, guns, old men who sell Homemade laptops at your local market.

Q. What are the scariest movies ever created?

A. It, The Legend of Novisor, etc...

Q. What is a Pumpkin hat called?

A. "It's an apple"

   - Pumpkin, 2021.

Q. Define the word "Veteran"

A. Fat, lazy, stupid.

Q. What is the thing that is in charge of Happy-ness?

A. Mr. Cheese.

Q. Who invented cheese pizza

A. Mr. Cheese.

Q. W…

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The Amogus 2021 The Amogus 2021 21 September 2021

What is your favorite main character

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And Irish Person And Irish Person 18 September 2021

Current status I am on holiday To see some family

I am on vacation in Oldham to see some family

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ByeAndrew ByeAndrew 16 September 2021

Relationship Tables Release and Making a Wiki Timeline

  • 1 Relationship Tables
    • 1.1 Intro
    • 1.2 Note
    • 1.3 Example
      • 1.3.1 Gallery Image
  • 2 Other Stuff
    • 2.1 Status Code
    • 2.2 Weekly Highlights, continued.

I and PolyDev have decided and agreed to bring something called "Relationship Tables" here. This is yet another feature or tool I'm bringing or getting from another wiki I work at called the LQCAfotus Wiki. Without trying to write an essay (imagine regretting saying that), let's begin. I first noticed this from the character pages on the Dream Team wiki. This is much better done with the community, you all guys, because this is an epic project yet not exactly easy. Maybe it could be a template to be easier, I don't know.

You can add as many and edit as much in that you can or want (talking about the notes/description colu…

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Timmy and Franklin

Timmy and Franklin are so cute but violent.

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 11 September 2021

My Top 5 Favorite Among Us Logic Videos

Without much reason, here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Among Us Logic:

1. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...

2. Among Us Logic

3. Among Us Logic: Jailbreak

4. Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter

5. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter

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Jose06-06 Jose06-06 6 September 2021


What's up doc

I new :)

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Hoy Bon! Hoy Bon! 5 September 2021

New Series

Hello everyone! Sorry to call all of you here, but I plan to make a sort of script to post on this wiki, like it's Among Us Logic, but with members from here. Yes, They Are Among Us exists, but still I would like to make something of my own, so.... Please, if you want to participate, write here below and send your skin. There is a limit of 10 people, so be quick!

Now, the occupied colors:






















(occupied by me)















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And Irish Person And Irish Person 5 September 2021

Pop fard 69

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PomPalmGD PomPalmGD 3 September 2021

I am back!

Did you miss me?

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The Amogus 2021 The Amogus 2021 2 September 2021

Who do you think is the most recognizable user in the is wiki the is not you or a admin

Sorry for a lot of typos. Better title (Who do you think is the most recognizable user in this wiki that is not you or any admin)

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The Amogus 2021 The Amogus 2021 1 September 2021

What is your least favorite character

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 30 August 2021

Why I hate the new AUL episode

  1. The characters were really stupid throughout the episode such as them forgetting Player's name and literally believed Wizard that the the impostor was The Gentleman.
  2. I found that episode boring to watch
  3. Wizard and Arnold has cheated as the impostors because at one point, 3 crewmates died in less than 10 seconds and only 2 crewmates can die in ten seconds.
  4. When Wizard and Arnold were killing crewmates, they used killing that is not in the game like Wizard used magic to kill crewmates and Arnold was punched the crewmates to death. The five ways a crewmate can die is getting stabbed with a knife, getting shot with a gun, having your neck get snapped, getting slain by an impostor tongue, getting shot by an eye laser (only RHM skin)
  5. Not having the …
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GamingPerson11 2.0 GamingPerson11 2.0 28 August 2021

About Stoner

I remember seeing something about deleting his character but here's the thing.Shows meant for young audiences will have dark jokes such as this one(Stoner means someone who uses drugs).

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 21 August 2021

Why I hate Mr Cheese too much

  1. He is overrated
  2. He is a jerk
  3. He is bratty
  4. He says his name OVER AND OVER again

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ByeAndrew ByeAndrew 17 August 2021

Colorbox Template and MORE! (Suggestions)

Long story short, PolyDev requested something like a color-box template to list shades and colors of the character (like the BFB Wiki has). I'll just link the comment thread to that conversation and explanation. HERE IT IS, (idk) hope it helps!

If you can't wait or don't have time, the code is:

Weekly Highlights are coming to posts, see this thread on my message wall about fellow admins working it out...

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Somoene WhoLoveAmongUs2346 Somoene WhoLoveAmongUs2346 14 August 2021

What your thought on that ?

An episode where Ms Pink and SirClogsworth are dating each other ?

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 6 August 2021

Wiki News 16

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Updating the wiki to Fandom Desktop (Sadly....)
  • 3 Admin application forms for the Fanon wiki coming soon!
  • 4 End

Hey everyone! welcome to the latest Wiki News blog post! Lets go over the latest news in the wiki:

Despite how much people hate Fandom Desktop, Fandom Desktop will be the new look and feel for FANDOM for possibly a decade or 2. So the wiki has updated its look to match Fandom Desktop, in preparation for Fandom Desktop taking over.

(As much as I hate to do this, FANDOM is getting rid of Oasis so I have no choice but to do it)

The Fanon wiki is in a REALLY bad state at the it is pretty much dying. Why? Because the wiki is becoming a toxic wasteland that's why. If you were on the wiki you've probably seen some low effort…

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 31 July 2021

Tier list

Disclaimer: Do NOT complain or say that you hate a character I like or I hate a character that you like. If you do this I will be pretty mad at you.

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 30 July 2021

Who is the first person you caught breaking a rule

If you have not caught anyone skip this blog

The first user I caught was a underaged (this was a 10 year old) by the name of MuppetsFan2010

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 21 July 2021

Which user Besides Starla do you dislike

I dislike Windows helper for making fun of Canadians like our founder.

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Eclipsa1359 Eclipsa1359 15 July 2021


I Made another character. . . again. Her name is Jello.


  • Jello
  • The colour purple
  • friends
  • Winning
  • Framing crewmates (Impostor)


  • Losing
  • getting voted off into the endless void of space
  • The Calibrate distribution task
  • Card swipe
  • getting killed

Hope you like this character. Bye for now!

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Hi there

Hello. This exists cuz why not

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BFBQ7810 BFBQ7810 12 July 2021

Is AUL over?

I don't think it is, because they need to continue Star Wars Saga, but with the ending from AUL 33 it may be over.

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KittyCrafterzz1233 KittyCrafterzz1233 11 July 2021

Cupcake and Dino

Wish there should be a new episode of the two crewmates like here in this image!

  • 1 Who are they?
    • 1.1 Origin
    • 1.2 Friends
  • 2 Trivia

Two crewmates were a pink crewmate and his yellow crewmate brother as they strive to make a name for themselves in the competitive tasks in Polus.

They are both male crewmates and they are birth siblings whose parent was a female rose crewmate and a banana male crewmate which she gave birth to twins in different colors pink and yellow. The banana crewmate tried to name Muffin and Horse but rose crewmate tried to name Cupcake and Dino instead of it after a Netflix show came out as a kids show. At first, they were newborn mini crewmates wearing Brain Slug hats. When they are babies, they play with crewmate plushies and fall …

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White TheGentleman White TheGentleman 10 July 2021

i still did not get it

why people hate franklin?i love him he is cute and...silly?

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Grapploct279 Grapploct279 10 July 2021


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Ngiganti Ngiganti 8 July 2021

Who do you want to delete from AUL

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 5 July 2021

Why I hate Franklin

By now you might know that I hate Franklin out of all characters so I will give you all reasons that I hate him.

  1. He is really bratty
  2. He is just very annoying
  3. He exists
  4. He is way too violent for a baby
  5. He said mean things to Player
  6. I never liked him cause he is stupid
  7. He was raised by the wrong person.
  8. He sits on Mother's head which I find weird
  9. He plays Among Us and he is a LITERAL BABY

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EdArcade EdArcade 3 July 2021

User Imposter Mods

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Wafflethe1st Wafflethe1st 2 July 2021

Bad puns

just in "case"

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Blue berryGD Blue berryGD 28 June 2021

The Story Of A Princess And Her Friends Fighting With An Evil Girl

  • 1 Context
  • 2 History
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Gallery

This History presents with a Princess and Unicorn and a Blue Prince Bird and a Red Frog.


Pink Princess.

Purple Princess

Unicorn With A Purple Horn.

Blue Prince Bird.

Red Frog.

The Evil Girl.



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EdArcade EdArcade 26 June 2021

Animated Users

Not Everyone is done yet but here are a few users

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1as2 1as2 26 June 2021

What parody comic do u want me to make?

if you've been on this wiki for long time you probably have seen atleast 1 of my poorly drawn comics. I feel bored and WANNA make a comic but I don't have ideas. So if u want me to make a parody comic of anything (Like memes and stuff) you can either reply to this post or message wall me if u wanna do it privately .


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Dawn aka Eclipsa's sis Dawn aka Eclipsa's sis 26 June 2021

My SUPERbad comic strip

This is SO bad! wait. . . why am I posting this again? anyway I hope youguys "liked" it.


now wut?

(PLS click on image to see the words better)

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