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Oooh, I'm up for a little scare! Oh, let's do it!


Blondie is a minor character exclusive to the Novisor storyline.


She is first shown in Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor. She and Baggy are driving in his car to the Drive-In Movie Theater to watch The Curse of Novisor. As they are pulling in, she remarks that since they’re the only ones there, it would be romantic if Baggy wasn’t her best friend. Ironically, Baggy thinks of her as more than a friend. As they pull up to the ticket booth, they meet Duncan, who greets them with a loud “Greetings!” This startles Baggy, who screams and hides under his bag. Blondie gives him a bored look, which prompts Baggy to act tough in front of her. He tells Duncan that he didn’t startle him, and that he’s not afraid of anything. Duncan remarks that if that’s true, then he’ll love the movie. He tells the duo that it’ll scare them half to death. Blondie is very excited about this, and tells Baggy they should watch it. Baggy doesn’t like being scared, so he asks Blondie if she wants to watch a different movie, like a rom-com. But she protests, saying that she wants to watch the movie. Duncan says that it’s ok if they don’t want to, as some people aren’t cool enough to watch it. Baggy, taking the bait, asks for two tickets. Duncan hands over the tickets, and tells them to enjoy the film. Then he laughs evilly, to which Baggy and Blondie give each other weird looks.

Once at the screen, the movie starts. Unfortunately, it was made before there was even color film, so they find themselves watching a cheesy movie with horrible effects. Then, the movie flickers off. Blondie is confused, and asks what happened. As Baggy is leaning out the window toward the ticket booth, asking what happened, she hears eerie whispers of Novisor. She remarks that the sound must’ve turned back on, but once she sees Novisor hovering in front of their car, she realizes that it’s not the movie making that noise. She and Baggy scream as Novisor kills them both.



She thinks of him as a friend, but she doesn’t realize that Baggy thinks of her as more than a friend.



Novisor killed Baggy and her while they were watching the movie.


Duncan lured Baggy and her into the Drive-In Movie Theater in order for Novisor to kill them.


Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor


  1. Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor; Had the visor stripped off by Novisor, along with Baggy.