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Blue is a minor character who appeared in Among Us Logic 7 and 13. As opposed to the more theatrical members of Captain's lobby, Blue's schtick is that he's very normal. He has several traits of average real-life Among Us players, such as: skipping from lobby to lobby instead of staying in the same one, referring to other players by their suit colors and not their names, not taking the game too seriously, and having a lack of patience for relationship drama. He speaks with a calm, clear voice and has a generic American accent. nobody knows who he is

In episode 13, he changes his name to Monster right before killing Mother. His viking horns are also absent.

Voice Actor

  • Ryan Stewart


Not Orange

Not Orange and Blue seem to be good friends. They hacked the game with Player and brought Mother (called Bone at the time) back to life.


Player (Possibly)

He voted Player out after witnessing him murder PoopyFarts96, but later lets him in on a little secret...


(Almost) Everyone

Blue has a low opinion of everyone on the server. As shown in his quote above, he thinks everyone in the lobby is stupid.

Mr. Cheese

Mr. Cheese murdered him at the end of episode 7, calling him a "Stupid blue boy" and telling him to go back to GameTunes.


Among Us Logic 7

Among Us Logic: Revive The Dead!

Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate (cameo)

Song Appearances


  • Blue first appeared on GameToons's sister channel, GameTunes.
  • Blue goes by his color because he finds it easier. This is why he referred to Player as "Red" in Among Us Logic 7.
  • In GameTunes's Music Video "SUS", Blue gets ejected for no reason by Bro, who was the Impostor in that music video.
  • In Among Us Logic 13, Blue changes his name to Monster and took off his viking horns.
  • It is currently unknown why he and Not Orange didn't go to the Cheater's Lobby.
  • Blue has a robot pet in the Die Tonight music video, but it doesn't appear in the episodes he's in.
  • Blue's robot pet from the Die Tonight music video is the same robot cosmetic as QWERTY, Hornsly's robot.
  • In the Mr. Cheese vs. Mr. Egg music video, Blue was referred to as "Blue with the viking horns".
  • In Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Blue’s codename is Blue 10.


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! Accused by Not Orange of killing him and Mother after he was revived.


Character Episode Place of death
Not Orange Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! The Skeld, Medbay
Bone The Skeld, Upper Engine


  1. Among Us Logic 7; Stabbed repeatedly by Mr. Cheese.


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