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You have the remain gorgeous!

— Bro to himself, Among Us Logic 6


Bro is a side character in Among Us Logic 2, and he returns in episodes 3, 6, 10, 12 and 19.


Stoner and Bro were doing tasks together as crewmates in Among Us Logic 2. In Among Us Logic 3, they were together again, but the two of them were murdered by Mr. Egg and TheGentleman.

Bro helped Mother when The Gentleman called her as an unknown caller in Among Us Logic 6, tracing the call as Officer Bro. They were together again, and killed both by Player and Veteran in Among Us Logic 10. They were supposedly also together in Among Us Logic 12.

They play Among us together in the Summer.


Ninja and Bro were Impostors in Among Us Logic 2 at the beginning of the Episode, but when they bully people that they have beaten, Ninja said that his face is ugly and his hat is crippled.


Bro and Mother had been killed by them in the 10th episode, as well as Player saying that he hates Bro in episode 2.

Bro and Stoner were killed by them in the 3rd episode.

In Episode 2, Bro says Mr. Cheese is too stupid to be a good impostor.

  • Everyone else

He often torments, teases and insults everyone.


Among Us Logic 2

Among Us Logic 3 (no lines)

Among Us Logic 6

Among Us Logic 10

Among Us Logic 12: The Airship (no lines)

Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! (no lines)

Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate (cameo)

Song Appearances[]


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 2 (prologue match) reason not given


  1. Among Us Logic 3; Killed by Mr. Egg (cause of death unknown).
  2. Among Us Logic 10; Shot with a pistol by Veteran.
  3. Among Us Logic 12; Sliced into half by Ninja, along with Mother.


  • Bro is probably the least popular with all of the other characters in the show.
  • In the music video SUS, a red crewmate with the same hat as Bro appears in the music video. It has not been confirmed that they are the same person, but it’s unlikely.
  • In Roblox Logic, it's revealed that the reason as to why Bro is so rude is because of everyone insulting his appearance.
  • In the music video The Death of Mr. Cheese, he appears near Player and alongside him is one of the two characters not to mourn in Mr. Cheese's death. He also wears a black suit.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Bro’s codename is Blue 7.


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