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Everyone, scatter!

— Captain's catchphrase


Captain is the main deuteragonist of the Among Us Logic Series and serves as the leader of the lobby despite his general incompetence. However, it is shown that Player is the host of the lobby in the Among Us Adventures episode PREDATOR Impostor Role in Among Us.


Captain is initially depicted as a brash egomaniac, but he gradually drops this façade to reveal he is actually deeply insecure and desperately wants friends. Captain is a complete idiot, being gullible, foolish, prone to jumping to conclusions, and generally lacking any sort of common sense. He is highly clingy of anyone he deems his friend, as shown with his relationship with Player. In Among Us Logic 15 shows a darker, more vindictive side to him when he creates and unleashes a zombie virus on the lobby simply to spite Player for not appreciating their friendship. Captain is shown to be a big baby, as called by Player, in episodes like Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod and Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague.



Whenever a meeting occurs or a body is reported, Captain will most likely use PoopyFarts96 for information, even though he ejected him once. Captain also seems to understand farts, therefore being able to communicate with him and get his opinion. However, this is very unlikely because of how Captain is portrayed throughout the series (dumb and gullible).


He mentioned Bill in Among Us Logic 6 and said that he made the paper boat hat for him. Captain calls him Billy the Boatman.


In "Hacking Security Cams!" Captain helped Dum win her first game of Among Us. They are dating because in the description of Hacking Security Cams! it says "Player's sister is in town, and starts dating Captain." At the end of the episode, you can hear him say “babe”, which causes Player to understandably have a mental breakdown.


In Episode 17, Captain and Player were going to fix the Seismic Stabilizer sabotage together. Also, throughout the episode, they did not get that mad at each other. In Hacking Security Cams!, Captain was calling him "Bestie" again after hearing Player refer to him that way in Among Us Logic 15, "over the sound of sizzling flesh." This means that Captain might still think that Player is his best friend. They argue at a bunch of times, although they are usually on good terms. But sometimes, Player has to teach things to or correct him, such as when he said he couldn't steer the Airship because he can't reach the pedals, but Player was observative enough of the rooms to know that the Airship doesn't have pedals.


In emergency meetings, Captain and Stoner are shown to be good friends.


They are on friendly terms as Captain thinks Qwerty is cute, but called him “Qwerty’s owner” which caused him to respond with “I have a name you know!”.


They are currently on good terms. They normally agree with each other but Captain has killed TheGentleman a few times, as well as the other way around.


They meet in How to Summon Novisor in Among Us, and have been on friendly terms throughout the episode.


He said that he loved her enthusiasm in Among Us Logic 2, but he said that he and the others must vote Ninja off before they can kill him.


Veteran (Turning into a friend)

They used to constantly debate over who's Player's best friend. In Episode 34,they hate Player and called Player "Playman" since Player always play Friday Night Funkin' and forgets about them.



He stole his original name, which leads Pirate to getting mad at him. He had to change his name to Leader to get his color back. TheGentleman had white because Pirate had the color black. Captain was really upset about how he had to do that.

Mr. Egg

According to Among Us Adventures, Captain blamed Mr. Egg for starting the zombie apocalypse in Among Us Logic 15 and thus was banished to the Cheaters Lobby.

Mr. Cheese (Possibly)

Despite the fact Mr. Cheese and Captain were once friends in Among Us Logic 5 when he was disguised as Player, he eventually revealed he was not Player and their relationship is still unknown. Though Captain will occasionally be nice to Mr. Cheese. In Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague, Captain reveals that he used Mr. Cheese to frame Player for getting his name wrong in Among Us Logic 12. Although Mr. Cheese did not serve for Captain and he tackled himself and Captain into the lava. In 17, Mr. Cheese said "You poor pathetic fools" to him and Player. In Hacking Security Cams, Captain and Dum killed TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese. And in Jailbreak Captain is the first one to be arrested by Mr. Cheese because Mr. Cheese jumped to conclusions just because Captain is good at eye spy.

Not Orange

He got trolled by Not Orange and Blue in Episode 13. At the beginning of Hacking Security Cams, Captain says he didn’t like Not Orange when he was killed on the camera.


He killed Captain at Medical in Episode 29.

Song Appearances


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 2 Following Stoner around.
Among Us Logic 9 Framed of killing Goober and PoopyFarts96.
Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! Presumably ejected for stating that he killed Bone.
Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... Ignorance of authority as captain of the Airship for crewmates die.


Total kills: 7

Character Episode Place of death
TheGentleman Among Us Logic 5 Polus, O2
Player Among Us Logic 10 Polus, Communications
TheGentleman Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! Skeld, Medbay
Veteran Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! Skeld, Reactor
Stoner Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod Polus, outside Dropship
Two individual cultists (out of six) Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter Novisor's Realm


  1. Among Us Logic 1; Shot with a pistol by Stoner.
  2. Among Us Logic 4; Had the neck snapped by Player.
  3. Among Us Logic 6; Impaled with an Impostor tongue by Mr. Cheese.
  4. Among Us Logic 8; Shot with a pistol by Mr. Egg.
  5. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!; (dead, unknown if ejected or killed)
  6. Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague; Pushed by Mr. Cheese into a pit of lava.
  7. Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! (prologue match); Stabbed with a knife by Mr. Cheese.
  8. Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival; Shot with a pistol by Player.
  9. Among Us Logic: Daycare; Killed by Timmy.
  10. Among Us Logic: Monster School; Eaten alive by the pets.
  11. Among Us Logic: The God Imposter; Turned into solid gold by Player.
  12. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Killed by Stoner (cause of death unknown).


  • As of episode 34, Captain is tied with Mr. Cheese for the second most amount of appearances. They are behind Player, who has appeared in every episode.
  • He almost never listens to Player, even though he thinks that Player is his "Bestie".
  • Captain has trouble recognizing other languages, like when he mistakes Ninja's Japanese for "The El Mexicano" (Spanish.) This gag is not present in the Spanish dub as he correctly identifies it as Japanese there. He also believes that enchiladas (Mexican food) are Italian food.
  • He sees Player as his best friend.
  • According to Player, Captain is gullible and stupid which can be proved in Fat Impostor.
  • He was in flight school for 14 years. In real life, pilot training usually takes less time than that. It is most likely that Captain spent so long in flight school because he kept flunking likely due to his low intelligence.
  • Episode 9 reveals that he has a pet snake named Charlie.
  • In Episode 4, Captain's color was Purple and was given the title Leader, as the name Captain was taken by Pirate, who also stole TheGentleman’s dark charcoal color, which led to an argument between the three.
  • In Episode 6, he temporarily changed his hat from a Captain's hat to a white paper boat (which is said to be made by his "other best friend", Bill).
  • Captain seems to be a bit racist, as he stated (in his own words): "the British guy is always evil! same with the Russian guy, or the German, and i guess sometimes they are Italian American" in the last chapter in the Novisor series towards Dr Doktor.
  • In Episode 11, he temporarily changed his hat to a snowman.
  • It is said that apparently Captain brought Player a new PlayStation 5 for Christmas and is in debt for a long time, which is shown.
  • Captain is at least 30 years old since it is required to be at least 16 to be in flight school and took him 14 years to finish.
  • Captain is a hacker, and thus is a cheater.
  • In Among Us Logic 12, Player mistakenly says that Captain's name is 'George', which resulted In Captain being insulted and voting Player.
  • Captain is capable of creating computer viruses, which shows that he is not completely gullible.
  • Captain was thought to have been sent to the Cheaters Lobby or banned from Among Us. However, this is wrong as of Among Us Adventures’ video ‘Impostor Predator Mod’. In the video, Captain said that he blamed Mr. Egg for cheating. However, Mr. Egg is still in the lobby, meaning that he was discovered innocent.
  • Captain reappears one episode after his defeat in Among Us Logic 15, and on the alternate YouTube channel Among Us Adventures, Predator Mod, he revealed why he was not banished to the cheaters lobby. He had blamed Mr. Egg for doing it.
  • Player is most likely Captain's friend in Among Us Logic 17 since the two were being nice to each other, although they were fighting on whether they should listen to Mr. Cheese's backstory with his dog, Cheddar.
  • Him, Ninja, Veteran and Player are the only characters shown to have mouths that they can use without being an impostor.
  • It is possible that he didn't get sent to the Cheater's Lobby because he didn't actually cheat, he just wrecked the game with a virus, although that would probably get him banned.
  • In Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! when Captain showed the phone book, he had contacts from Player, Buzz Aldrin, Chuck Y., and Mrs. Cheese.
  • In 'Hacking Security Cams,' Captain refers to Buzz Aldrin as Buzz Neilstrong and Buzz Lightyear, and also thinks that Aldrin was first out of the spacecraft on the moon, which shows his "flunky side".
  • He is the commander of every Flag Ceremony.
  • Captain seems to like pizza a lot, as seen in Henry Stickmin Logic.
  • Captain’s favorite type of pizza is pineapple.
  • He is somehow stupid, as he said how is he supposed to steer the airship if he can't reach the pedals in Episode 27 as the airship doesn't have any pedal.


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