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New England Patriots

It appears in Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! and Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby. It is (excluding Player) where Cheaters must pay for their crimes against the game.

third view

When Cheaters get caught, they get stuck there forever unless they apologize to Innersloth and accept their defeat.

Lobby 1.png

It is also seen that a Minecraft character (from Logdotzip's Crewmate Skin ) is in the lobby and there is no computer (possibly for reasons of cheaters not getting to customize themselves, or plot).

Characters seen in the Cheater's Lobby

Characters possibly sent to the Cheater's Lobby


  • The cheaters lobby is filled with garbage and doesn't look like a regular Lobby.
  • Nobody can leave the Cheater's Lobby unless they apologize to Innersloth.
  • One of the Cheaters in the Cheater's Lobby looks like a Minecraft character. (A possible reference to the skin pack).
  • One of the Cheaters in the Cheater's Lobby looks like the Emergency Meeting Button.
  • One of the cheater has wires.
  • Player, SirClogsworth, Mr. Cheese, and Angel are the only normal ones.
  • Angel went to the Cheater's Lobby due to hacking the kill cooldown rule in Among Us Logic 1.
  • Mr. Cheese went to the Cheater's Lobby due to using the GentleBot in Among Us Logic 10.
  • Player went to the Cheater's Lobby due to helping Blue cheat in Among Us Logic 13. It is unknown why Blue did not get sent to the lobby.
    • This may be because maybe Player had to pay the price for all of them.
  • It is unknown why SirClogsworth was in the Cheater's Lobby.
  • Ms. Pink was sent to the Cheater's Lobby because she could kill impostors.
  • Only few will reform and go back to the regular lobby, the known reformers are Player and Mr. Cheese.

Two cheaters

A cheater