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Zack Clogsworth

At the end of Among Us Logic 13, Player was banished to a dirty lobby full of strange-looking people. He is told this is the Cheater's Lobby. Several other Cheaters are there:


  • Player: Among Us Logic 13-14
  • SirClogsworth: Among Us Logic 13-14
  • Minecraft cheater and 2 different crewmate skin cheater: Among Us Logic 13
  • Mr Cheese: Among Us Logic 14
  • Angel: Among Us Logic 14
  • New England Patriots: Among Us Logic 14
  • Mrs Pink: Among Us Logic 14
  • 99 Cheaters from 100 Player Mode: Among Us Logic 14


  • Two of them were a wires and an emergency button skin.
  • One of them looks like a Minecraft character. This may be a reference to the Among Us-themed Minecraft skin pack advertised earlier in the video, during the promotional break. Or it could be Steve if HE got banished too.
  • The white cheater is named Zack Clogsworth.
  • Angel is a cheater for bypassing the kill cooldown in Episode 1.
  • Mr. Cheese is a cheater for 'building' The Gentlebot in Episode 10.
  • The NE Patriots appear because they are cheaters in Football.
  • Ms. Pink appeared because she killed impostors as a crewmate.
  • It is unknown why SirClogsworth went to the cheaters lobby.
  • According to Among Us Adventures, Captain blamed Mr. Egg for starting the zombie apocalypse and thus was banished to the cheaters lobby. We didn't see what happened when Mr. Egg in the cheaters lobby, but he was there and he got out in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor.
  • It is unknown how Mr. Cheese got out of the Cheater's Lobby.