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Cheddar is Mr. Cheese's pet dog who made his debut in Among Us Logic 17.


Cheddar was a stray dog who was adopted by Mr Cheese. But soon after, they parted ways so Cheddar could pursue his own dreams.


Personality-wise, Cheddar is loyal to Mr. Cheese and will help him when necessary.


Mr. Cheese

Cheddar and Mr. Cheese have become best friends ever since Cheddar saved him from dying in an alleyway.


Cheddar enjoyed playing with him because TheGentleman was a friend of Mr. Cheese.



Despite Cheddar biting Player, he probably doesn't hate him and was just following orders from Mr. Cheese. Cheddar Also Congratulated Player at the end of Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...


He's presumably happy that he fixed up Mr. Cheese, but was mad at him when he called him a soft Gruyère.


Despite Cheddar biting Player and Captain being a friend of Player, he might also as well not too much like Captain.


Mr. Mean Cook

Cheddar doesn't like Mr Mean Cook because he kicked him out of his restaurant, after finding Cheddar eating the food in the kitchen.

Toto (Possibly)

He probably wouldn't be too happy with Toto if he found out he replaced him.

The Children

Cheddar doesn't like the children because they beat up Mr. Cheese.



Among Us Logic 17

In Among Us Logic 17, Cheddar appears in Mr. Cheese's flashback that he tells to Captain and Player and also bites Player's leg, preventing him from resetting the Seismic Stabilizers in Polus.

Among Us Logic: Jailbreak

He assists Mr. Cheese as playing as the Officer role.

Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter

Cheddar works at Cheese Louise with Mr. Cheese.


Who Is Mr. Cheese?

He is seen running in a field with Mr. Cheese.

Like Father, Like Son

There is a toy of Cheddar on the child’s shelf.

The Death of Mr. Cheese

Cheddar is seen beside TheGentleman, and is seen mourning when his owner passed away.


  • Cheddar is Mr. Cheese's pet dog.
  • Cheddar is the fourth pet to appear in the Among Us Logic Series, with the first being Timmy and Franklin, the second being Toto and the third being Not Orange's Mini Crewmate.
  • Cheddar, along with Blue, are the only two characters to appear in a music video before being added to the Among Us Logic Series.
  • Cheddar's design is supposed to be that of Mr. Cheese, but if he was a dog.
  • Cheddar is seen in a basketball uniform in Mr Cheese's flashback where he won the Basketball Match for his owner's team.
  • Cheddar counts as a GameToons character even though he appeared in a song before he appeared in a Logic.
  • Cheddar playing basketball is a reference to Air Buds, as Mr. Cheese says “That was a real Air Bud moment!”
  • In Among Us Logic: Jailbreak Mr. Cheese refers to him as Lieutenant which is a reference to the military rank Lieutenant.
  • Cheddar makes a cameo appearance in Henry Stickmin Logic, as a photo in Mr. Cheese's items.
  • It is most likely he is the one who got Mr. Cheese and TheGentleman together.
  • He is the 3rd character with a mouth the first being Toto and second being Captain and the Fourth being Veteran.